Things to Know About Backbend in Yoga And Its Benefits For The Spine

Backbend are movements for the back to help the spine increase flexibility, protect sensitive nerves so that the back always moves flexibly. Let's find out what you need to know about backbend in yoga.


Understanding the 8 Types of Yoga for Choosing the Right Practice

Understanding Yoga to choose the right form of exercise will help your body and mind feel lighter, more comfortable and at peace. Join Olaben to learn 8 main types of yoga!


How To Practice Meditation For Beginners

Meditation is a fundamental skill in yoga, but there should be specific instructions for beginners. Find out with Olaben to learn how to practice for newcomers to this subject!


5 Morning Yoga Exercises Energize Your Body

Enjoy an energetic morning with stretching yoga exercises that help energize your body. You will feel healthy every day to work hard, no more sluggishness and fatigue.  


Control Anger And Discomfort With Yoga

The reel of modern life makes you always feel tired, discomfortable and angry with everyone around you. Managing anger when it arrives is not easy. However, when you practice yoga, you will gradually develop yourself the ability to control and regulate your emotions.


5 Yoga Pose Rejuvensecent For Women

Aging is an obsession of all women, especially when the time of pre-menopause is close. Not bothering to see their bodies get old, many women have turned to yoga as a medicine to keep the body youthful. Join Olaben to learn 5 yoga poses to help rejuvenate the body for women!


7 Tips You Need To Know For A Healthy Life

A healthy life will help you stay energized and motivated to do what you want to, and to conquer new challenges. Find out with Olaben to learn 7 tips below to enjoy a healthy and happy life!


5 Most Influence Yoga Masters In The World

The following yoga masters are not only admired for their superior abilities and techniques, but for the creation of new schools.


8 Healthy Food For Your Heart Should You Know

Using heart-healthy foods, combined with regular yoga exercises will help you eliminate excess fat in the body, lose weight effectively and have a healthy heart.


7 Best Yoga Props You Will Actually Need

Yoga props are an indispensable accessory in every training session, especially for beginners because they facilitate exercise more easily. Check out the 7 most recommended yoga props with Olaben!


7 Essential Tips for Effective Yoga Practice

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and find yourself. However, if you want to get the effect more quickly, you need to learn the most essential yoga practice tips below. Find out more with Olaben!


7 Benefits You Should Start Doing Yoga

Yoga is an activity that is increasingly popular nowadays thanks to its effects. Read this article with Olaben to learn about 7 benefits of yoga practice!


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