Best Advice To Help You Practice Yoga Effectively

Yoga is a special exercise that combines many different types from basic to advanced. The nature of Yoga gives people natural "diamond" benefits such as strengthening bones and joints, anti-aging and healing the inner soul. As a result, Yoga attracts passionate Yogi to active practice and is willing to spread the quintessence all over..


Yoga At Home Rescues Your Lockdown Week From Covid 19

Yoga has been known to have golden benefits for ages, not only increasing strength, but also keeping the mind calm. Yoga at home will rescue your lockdown week from Covid 19.


7 Tips To Create Your Yoga Practice Space At Home

So the key to getting inspired, staying focused, and reaping all the beautiful benefits of mindful movement? Creating your own “zen” land based on what you have. Olabenflows will show you 7 tips to create your Yoga practice space at home below and let’s try them out! 


How To Enjoy Yoga Practice With Family Member At Home?

Yoga plays an excellent place for families to spend healthy and happy time together. How to enjoy yoga practice with family at home? With a little extra preparation and an open mind there are many ways to incorporate family yoga into your home. Let’s find out with Olaben!


9 Yoga Breathing Practices For Balancing Mind and Body

Breathing is the very essence of life. The first thing we do when we enter this world and the last thing when we depart. The mind, body and breath are intimately connected and they deeply influence each other. Deep breathing practices are encouraged in advanced yoga training  which have a positive impact on our physiology, both body and mi..


7 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Immune System In Covid19 Pandemic

In the middle of the darkest time when COVID-19 cases have not even ceased to multiply, our health is faced with challenges day by day. Resuming our work life with guarding us against COVID 19 pandemic, strengthening our immune system is a prerequisite. Yoga is one of the best ways to upgrade yourself due to having an anti-inflammatory effect o..


Things to Know About Backbend in Yoga And Its Benefits For The Spine

Backbend are movements for the back to help the spine increase flexibility, protect sensitive nerves so that the back always moves flexibly. Let's find out what you need to know about backbend in yoga.


Understanding the 8 Types of Yoga for Choosing the Right Practice

Understanding Yoga to choose the right form of exercise will help your body and mind feel lighter, more comfortable and at peace. Join Olaben to learn 8 main types of yoga!


How To Practice Meditation For Beginners

Meditation is a fundamental skill in yoga, but there should be specific instructions for beginners. Find out with Olaben to learn how to practice for newcomers to this subject!


5 Morning Yoga Exercises Energize Your Body

Enjoy an energetic morning with stretching yoga exercises that help energize your body. You will feel healthy every day to work hard, no more sluggishness and fatigue.  


Control Anger And Discomfort With Yoga

The reel of modern life makes you always feel tired, discomfortable and angry with everyone around you. Managing anger when it arrives is not easy. However, when you practice yoga, you will gradually develop yourself the ability to control and regulate your emotions.


5 Yoga Pose Rejuvensecent For Women

Aging is an obsession of all women, especially when the time of pre-menopause is close. Not bothering to see their bodies get old, many women have turned to yoga as a medicine to keep the body youthful. Join Olaben to learn 5 yoga poses to help rejuvenate the body for women!


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