30,008 Our Olaben's Fam have planted trees and counting...

Our flagship partner, SONG FOUNDATION - Green Happiness is dedicated to build an ecosystem where there is a combination of three sustainable criteria of community, people and environment that are always in harmony and complementary to each other, heading towards sustainability with creative and humane actions.

We’ve partnered with SONG FOUNDATION - Green Happiness to plant a mangrove tree for every yoga ribbed set our members take. This means that every time you do something good for Y.O.U. you’re also doing something good for others. We are so excited about this!

Olaben works with Hanh Phuc Xanh by providing funding for "Forrest Symphony Project", planting one tree for every ribbed set sold – the more yoga sets sold, the more trees there will be for the future. Through our buy a set, plant a tree program, we have now planted over 30,008 trees.

And here's how your donations are making an impact...
Supporting Forest Symphony Project for planting 30,800 mangrove trees in 7ha wide coastal alluvial-land area at Vinh Chau, Soc Trang, Viet Nam,  your donations are fueling systemic change.

100+ Connectivity and supporting by >100 Yoga Instructors/ Celebs/ Ambassadors and Influencers worldwide.

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