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In Yoga, meditation is basically a skill that controls your inhale to your mind and body in a relaxing status. This therapy enhances your deep understanding and increases your inner potential. However, not all of us know the right Yoga practices.

In this article below, Olaben will introduce 5 usage of Meditation & Yoga that are proving by scientists that impacting magically in helping the body and decreasing life’s pressure.

In Yoga, meditation is also called “Dhyana”, which means “Dhyana mind flows”. Dhyana is a status that Yogi can gain from the incarnation between individual consciousness and cosmic in the state of samadhi. Yoga meditation is the oldest and most traditional form of meditation, and is also one of the most widely practiced.

What brings meditation & yoga benefits?

Decreasing anxiety, depression and mindful spirit

Yoga meditation is considered to be an effective and safe remedy for your mind when the pressures of life are common today.

According to a study with people who have the habit of Yoga meditation every day, they have a thicker prefrontal cortex than those who do not, because a thick prefrontal cortex has an effect on controlling negative emotions and is generated by the Limbic system - the emotional center of the brain. From there, helping those who meditate on Yoga regularly will relax the mind, avoid anxiety, and prevent dangerous complications of depression.

Self deeply knowing, improving the relationship

Properly meditating and practicing yoga meditation in daily life will help you get rid of many temptations, remove and overcome your fears, then understand what you are trying to do and fully focus on that purpose. Besides, when your mind is calm, you will see things in many different perspectives, put yourself in the thoughts and positions of others, helping to improve your relationships.

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Increase the focusing ability and relationship improving

The process of training and building yoga habits every day will help you increase the ability to focus more on your breath and thinking. This will help you to focus more on other jobs and work better and more efficiently.

You are still young, however your memory is no longer in good condition. Then when you apply yoga meditation in your life, you will help limit the amount of white matter in the brain, which regulates the speed of connection and information transmission.

The results of a study show that people who have the habit of yoga every day will eliminate distractions in life, helping to integrate your brain and focusing your information. In particular, they can remember details better than the average person - don't meditate on yoga regularly.

Good pain relief for the cardiovascular system

Yoga Meditation works to relieve stress and help clear the mind when not being influenced by emotions and other factors. When you meditate, your concentration increases, but your body relaxes more and it increases your ability to cope with pain better.

In addition, yoga meditation also helps increase blood flow to the heart, helps reduce blood pressure and reduce stress, two factors that contribute to a positive effect on the health of your heart.

Meditation helps deepen and restful sleep

Yoga Meditation reduces stress and helps yoga practitioners fall asleep. When waking up, the practitioner's spirit is also washed away and creates more optimistic energy for the new day.

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