Holiday Season 2021: The 9 Best Yoga Clothes For Women

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Yoga mats and yoga clothes are two necessary components of an effective yoga practice. Because yoga does not require as much equipment preparation as other sports, choosing the right mat and female sportswear is essential for every yogi. You will feel more comfortable and confident than ever when you put on trendy high-class yoga clothing, especially during the holiday season. Let’s take a look at the top 9 yoga female outfits in Olaben.

The 9 best yoga clothes for women for the holiday season of 2021

Thairinma Jumpsuit Cardinal

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

Wearing a lovely women's yoga suit with warm tones will make you stand out this holiday season. The Thairinma Cardinal jumpsuit is a variation of Olaben's stunning Cardinal color palette. Special colors provide a burst of positive energy to get you started on an exciting exercise. You will feel very confident when you pose flexible yoga poses and save yourself beautiful relaxing moments.

Thairinma Cardinal design details: made of soft ribbed material for multi-way stretch, breathability, and increased antibacterial ability. The high-waist extraction technique creates the impression of a slim waist and long legs, while the knitted details at the back increase hand freedom while also highlighting your charming back. Thairinma is fit, stretchy, and comfortable, but it still enhances the figure in a subtle way.

Teddy Sherpa Jacket

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

The Teddy Sherpa jacket, inspired by the twinkling golden lights of Christmas Eve, is the ideal gift for this winter's warmth. The shirt's style is extremely trendy, but it can still be worn in a variety of situations, including yoga, the gym, going out, and walking down the street. Teddy Sherpa can be worn with leggings, bodysuits, or any other outfit you desire.

The jacket is made of warm Sherpa fabric, which makes you feel very comfortable on each surface. The detachable hood and zip pocket, as well as the stand neck and front zipper, create an elegant but dynamic look. Two deep side pockets with a polyester drawstring lining inside help keep you warm on cold winter days. Yellow is a youthful and eye-catching color for the end-of-the-year holiday season.

J’aisama Hand-knotted Legging

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

With a striking bright red color and unique hand-knit detailing, J'aisama appears to be a breath of fresh air for traditional leggings. Every meticulous knot to hot colors like the color of the Bali sun has shown a graceful Bali fit in a legging.

This legging version of Olaben features the exclusive "Ultra-soft Premium" material once again. The delicate sewing technique in each stitch of the yoga pants will give a sense of comfort and light embrace. With exceptional properties, such as softness and sweat absorption, it enables the body to stay dry, light, and odorless after a long training session.

Scifi Spark Jacket

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

The Scifi Jacket windbreaker will help you get to your destination in the most comfortable and convenient way, whether you're going to the gym, jogging, or taking a morning walk after yoga. The jacket can be recommended to wear with biker shorts, leggings, or any other item in your women's yoga wardrobe.

Scifi Sparck Jacket with front zip and hood in ultralight "Iridescent Ripstop" material. The Scifi Jacket is a warm outerwear option for chilly mornings, protecting you from early winter winds while remaining fashionable. This is a must-have item for the holidays.

Thairinma Pine Green Jumpsuit

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

If you like Olaben's exclusive soft ribbed fabric, Thairinma Pine Green is a good alternative to Thairinma Cardinal. If it was traditionally the red color of charm and romance, Pine Gine would introduce you to the green color of nature, the Christmas tree. Still, the details aren't too fussy, but they're enough to embrace every line of the body and make you feel at ease and confident in your practice.

La Keisha Jacket

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

Olaben has chosen a somewhat minimalist, dynamic style with a bit of personality from the La Keisha Jacket women's sports jacket for this women's yoga wear collection. When combined with thin sparkling fabric on the body, the shirt has a crop-top shape with a stylish cotton hood that draws all eyes. In all weather conditions, both materials are breathable and waterproof.

The Band logo design is prominent throughout the autumn-winter jacket, particularly on the hood, cuffs, and tail. Details confirm a dynamic appearance and enhance your personal style. Furthermore, a black metal zipper is securely attached to the front of the shirt, allowing you to store small essentials (such as a mask or handkerchief) while jogging or training.

S'angria Knotte Legging

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

With a knitted design that runs along the sides of the pants and a thin mesh inside, the S’angria Knotte Legging will undoubtedly become every yoga girl's favorite pants. S'angria Knotte'ss red color is unique but not cheesy; you can wear it in any season, not just autumn and winter. This color is also flattering on all skin tones that are white, neutral, or honey.

The body-hugging design and lose-fit length softly accentuate the beauty of your legs in any yoga pose or spread. Olabensoft fabric, combined with a high back, is designed to hug the abdomen, creating a sense of a compact waist and support to melt belly fat while exercising.

Rêver Mesh Bra

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

The Rêver Mesh collection is inspired by the image of a liberal lady and is designed in a style that is full of energy and has an enchanting healthy beauty. With high-tech mesh technology for optimal breathability, the racerback design perfectly sculpts the body shape. The exclusive Olaben Ultra-Smooth Fabric is soft, smooth, and cool, providing maximum comfort during strenuous workouts.

Despite the fact that it was only recently released, Rêver Mesh has captured the hearts of yoga gym enthusiasts. With the hopeful yellow version, you can pair it with your favorite Rêver Mesh legging for the ideal late-winter workout outfit.

Shikara Jumpsuit

Holiday season 2021: The 9 best yoga clothes for women

A jumpsuit is an excellent choice for girls who enjoy the flexibility and seamlessness of yoga poses. The Shikara Jumpsuit gently supports the body while also highlighting the waist with its delicate mesh and pleated shapes. The extremely high waist density creates the illusion of a super small waist, super "hacking," and cleverly conceals body flaws. Shikara, which is still a popular red color this holiday season, promises to bring you a fresh breeze.

Where can you find beautiful, high-quality women's yoga clothing?

Where can you find beautiful and high-quality yoga clothing? If you want to own beautiful yoga clothes that are cutting-edge in terms of materials and design, Olaben is the place to visit. Olaben is proud to be the brand that creates the most fashionable yoga clothes in Vietnam and around the world. You can find Olaben's lovely, authentic yoga wear right here.

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