How To Make Your Meditation Practice Process Easier

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How To Make Your Meditation Process Easier


Meditation is a great practice for starting your new day with the energy flow that helps you to stay focused and calm. Meditation is well known for the cure of negative emotions and is always encouraged people to practice, however, not everyone feels at ease and patient when meditating. 

Here’s a little guidance on assisting you to answer the question “ How to make your meditation practice process easier?”  — Let’s find out with Olabenflows! 




Although meditation brings a lot of positive effects to us both physically and mentally and is confirmed by researchers of admirable importance. Though, Yogis sometimes find difficulties because they push themself too hard to follow the exalt guidance, even have to be an early bird in the morning to work on meditation. The fact is that you don’t need to force yourself as the robot. Let your mood speak the language when it is time to meditate. Meditation is not like hitting the gym with a specific plan, but an echo in your mind until you are ready. 


Consistency is more important than how many minutes of meditation you can squeeze into your day. Meditation has no limitation for how long you have to sit and meditate. Meditating for 10 minutes a day will be much better than sitting for 60 minutes, only 1 day or even worse, forgetting to meditate. Arranging your time, spend at least 5 minutes getting used to meditation, then upgrade your process when you feel comfortable with this Yoga method. Remember “ Haste Makes Waste” Yogis! 


Breathwork is a concrete mindfulness practice you can do from anywhere, anytime and can be a substitute for the meditation process. Practicing breathing still has many of the same golden benefits as meditation. Mind-body connection through breathing can help your mind reduce stress, release energy.  In addition, the respiratory system also improves maximum, increases vitality and helps you to be more alert. However, the breathwork still has differences and cannot be compared with meditation, so it is only a relative and easier solution for you! 



To be able to focus on your meditation practice effectively, you should choose the quiet space around you. Because noise can make you feel distracted and your thoughts cannot form as one. To proceed your meditation easier, sitting in silence space and keeping yourself on track. Using some meditation music is a plus. Practice meditation in a quiet space gradually until you become proficient and can easily meditate in noisy places. 



Meditation takes many forms and ways . You may have thought of meditation practice as sitting still with your eyes closed. However, for those who have experience, or always “rushing to the door”, but still want to calm their mind, meditation on the move is especially useful. It sounds weird, but it's actually quite easier than you thought. You can take time when you go outside and practice observing the scenery around you - the traffic passing, the sound of the wind blowing, the sound of people talking, etc. This leads your mind to concentrate. Therefore, you will gradually relax and enter a state of meditation on the move. Try to apply this method when you walk or jog, the efficiency will be level up. Note, just remember to keep yourself safe when on the road!



Remember that meditation does not need to be too perfect! Even the sunniest early birds and most experienced meditation practitioners have plenty of trouble staying present sometimes. To make your meditation process become easier, you can also research and watch Yoga Meditation Practice from online yoga classes with the expert coaches. They can guide you slowly and you can learn some useful skills from their experience, quite fascinating! Even if you didn’t achieve total stillness, don’t give up! Keep meditation with the persistent that “ I am still practice today, and that’s enough” 


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