The 7 Most Popular Types of Yoga In The World And Their Benefits

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Have you identified the most popular types of yoga in deciding the best one for you? When you find the right yoga method for your goals and abilities, your practice will be more effective. So, let's find out the meaning and features of the 7 most popular types of yoga listed below with Olaben.

Hatha yoga

"Ha" represents the sun, and "tha" represents the moon, two opposing symbols that also demonstrate the universe's balance. Therefore, Hatha yoga is meant to bring connection and unity between the opposites within yourself.

The 7 most popular types of yoga in the world and their benefits

Hatha yoga is one of the gentlest types of yoga, consisting of a series of basic movements that will help you get used to yoga. Hatha yoga focuses on the connection between the body and the breath to bring peace to the practitioner. Many studies have also found that people who practice Hatha yoga 1-2 times per week can reduce stress faster than those who do not. Thus, when you practice this type of yoga, you will feel much more relaxed and focused.

Most types of yoga practiced today, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and so on, are classified as Hatha yoga, but the pace of Hatha is usually much slower. As a result, Hatha is a style of yoga practice that is appropriate for people who are: 

- New to yoga

- Pregnant women or the elderly 

- People who want to focus on relaxation 

- People who want to practice and control their breathing

Iyengar yoga

The 7 most popular types of yoga in the world and their benefits

Iyengar yoga is a school of thought named after the world's foremost yoga instructor, B.K.S Iyengar (Indian). This style of yoga is based on unity and emphasizes every detail of movement. Iyengar yoga, on the other hand, is not sequenced like Vinyasa, and the poses in Iyengar are held for a longer period of time. During the exercise, you will hold a position for a long time and force the movement a little deeper after each breath.

To perform Iyengar exercises correctly, you should communicate with equipment such as chairs, bricks, belts, and so on. As a result, doing this type of yoga will help you improve your strength, flexibility, activity level, and body stability. You will simultaneously sense the unity of the parts, body, and soul. Iyengar yoga is appropriate for: 

- Who are beginners 

- People recovering from trauma 

- People looking to increase muscle and joint flexibility

Kundalini yoga 

The 7 most popular types of yoga in the world and their benefits

Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga that emphasizes breathing and core exercises. This is a type of yoga that focuses more on meditation and spirituality than any other type of yoga. Breathing techniques, mantras, and hand movements are all connected to Kundalini exercises. Therefore, the pacing of Kundalini is frequently slower than that of other types of yoga.

Kundalini's purpose is to awaken the soul, relieve stress, and release energy in the body. From there, help support you in increasing awareness, developing intuition, and mind. And a special thing is, Kundalini is also considered a catalyst for releasing energy trapped beneath the spine. This is the type of yoga for:

- Those who want to improve their intuition and spiritual connection

- People who enjoy meditation and exploring energy 

- People who want to connect their souls and gain a better understanding of themselves

Ashtanga Yoga

The 7 most popular types of yoga in the world and their benefits

Ashtanga is a type of yoga developed by Mr. K.Pattabhi Jois (Indian). In Sanskrit, the word "Asht" means "eight," and "anga" means "body" or "part of the human body," so Ashtanga means "eight steps" or "eight branches of yoga." The following are the main points of these eight branches of yoga: breath control, energy locking, fixed point of view, non-stop or interruption.

As a result, Ashtanga is a collection of strong yoga poses that emphasize quick and intense movements. This type of yoga frequently involves a series of continuous movements that help to increase vitality, clean, and circulate blood. Ashtanga's stretching and twisting movements appear simple, but they have the effect of gently massaging internal organs and increasing their flexibility. Ashtanga yoga is suitable for: 

- People who enjoy active workouts 

- People who are new to yoga

Vinyasa yoga

The 7 most popular types of yoga in the world and their benefits

Vinyasa is an Indian word that means "connection." This is a type of yoga in which movement and breath are combined to form a series of gentle poses. Vinyasa yoga will be faster-paced and more continuous than Hatha yoga. Every Vinyasa yoga exercise movement will be rhythmically combined with every inhalation and exhalation.

Vinyasa frequently includes movements to warm up the body, which promotes metabolism, increases energy burn, and removes toxins from the body. Simultaneously, the harmonious combination of breath and each muscle movement aids in the practice of body control and awareness. In addition, depending on the teacher, Vinyasa can be a series of mind-body exercises that combine breathing, reciting, and meditation. Vinyasa is appropriate for: 

- People who love the flexibility and like to change positions frequently 

- People who are active and do not like to follow the path 

- Those who want to lose weight and have a toned body

Bikram Yoga

The 7 most popular types of yoga in the world and their benefits

Bikram yoga, also known as Hot Yoga, first appeared in the early 1970s and was created by an American yoga master named Bikram Choudhury. This is extremely hot yoga, literally hot because you will be practicing in a room with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius. Bikram yoga is a 90-minute workout that includes 26 postures and two breathing techniques.

Thus, practicing Bikram yoga can help you lose weight, eliminate toxins, and improve blood circulation. The Bikram School is appropriate for:

- Who wants to lose weight and need to release a lot of energy 

- Who wants to challenge themselves with the training environment

Yin yoga

The 7 most popular types of yoga in the world and their benefits

Yin yoga is a yoga school that focuses on passivity, led by Mr. Paulie Zink - a yoga teacher and martial arts development expert. Yin yoga, as opposed to other types of dynamic yoga such as Bikram, Vinyasa, etc., emphasizes patience and slowness. The poses typically last 3-5 minutes and are designed to apply pressure to the connective tissues within the body. Yin yoga classes are typically held in warm rooms to assist the practitioner in relaxing the muscles and joints.

Yin yoga is appropriate for people:

- Who wants to practice calmness and perseverance

- People who are new to yoga 

- People who need to recover from an injury

The 7 most popular types of yoga in the world are listed above; depending on your training goals, you can select the best form of practice for yourself. hopes that this information is useful to you. And if you're looking for yoga classes for all levels that you can do whenever and wherever you want, you can also visit OLABEN - Yoga&Fitness. Thank for reading!

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