4 Bước Thực Hiện Tư Thế Yoga Con Quạ Một Cách Bài Bản


Crow Pose is one of the basic hand balance poses in yoga. This is not an easy position to practice for beginners. However, it is the ultimate posture to perform advanced arm balance positions. So through this article, Olaben will share with you the things to keep in mind for methodical, steady and proper crow yoga pose.
4 bước thực hiện tư thế con quạ một cách bài bản

The benefits of the crow pose 

The crow pose not only exercises body balance, but also strengthens the core muscles, wrists and abdomen; helps the practitioner determine the center of gravity of the body and learn to distribute body weight for better balance. At the same time, this yoga posture requires the practitioner to have patience and concentration to practice the correct movement and hold for a certain amount of time.

Practice the crow pose

Placing the hand on the mat

The hand is extremely important when performing the crow pose. Not only is the platform, it is also the rudder for you to control aerial stability. In addition, when in the air, hands replace the legs, bearing most of the body weight. So you need to know how to use your hands properly to hold this position for a long enough time without causing damage.

To do this properly, you should spread 5 fingers naturally wide in 5 different directions, the fingers are not together and not too stretched. Press down the first knuckle of the finger, gently raise the second one to firmly press the entire palm of the hand on the carpet. With the force applied to the palm of your hand, you can perform longer movements in a better posture. If the force is applied to the finger or wrist, the center of gravity is falling out of place, making it difficult to keep balance for long.

If the force is applied to your wrists, lean forward a little. Conversely, if the force is concentrated on the fingertips, press the first knuckle to return the force to the palm. In addition, you need to place hands that are shoulder-width so that the force is fully applied to the palms.

How to put the knee on the arm

Do not put the pillow close to the armpit because it will put the focus on the fingertips, causing you to lean forward too much and unable to balance for long. To create a beautiful and stable crow pose, you just need to squeeze your knees with a sufficient amount between your armpits and arms. At that time, you will put enough pressure on the parts, keeping the body in the air for longer.
4 bước thực hiện tư thế con quạ một cách bài bản

Controlling the feet in balance

We tend to have feet in the air, especially beginners, because we don't know how to control all parts of the body. For the best balance, however, you should keep yourself in close control. 

When your feet rise off the floor or carpet, stretch your toes and bring them straight forward, contracting the muscles in the soles of the feet, tightening the thighs. At this point, the entire leg is firmly tightened.

Direction of point of view

Beginners will usually look down at their feet when practicing the crow pose. This is completely incorrect when doing this pose. To practice correct posture, you must point the focus point straight in front of your face, slightly lifting your chin up. Do not aim your head too high as this can affect, compress the cervical vertebrae. 
4 bước thực hiện tư thế con quạ một cách bài bản

Things to keep in mind when doing the crow pose

You should eat 4-6 hours before practicing this pose to make sure the food is fully digested. Make sure your stomach is empty then, otherwise you may vomit during exertion.

The ideal time to exercise is early morning or evening. Working out at noon in hot weather can make you sweat more.

For those just starting out, you should add a brick under your feet to reduce weight when lifting the body, and put a blanket or rug to protect the face and neck in case it falls over. before.

Although it is a difficult position, the crow pose helps you improve your health and increase your body's endurance. It helps you figure out and fine-tune the center of your body - a basic thing you need to know before moving on with yoga. 
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