Modern life turns to a new-but-turbulent page. Stresses take over and people often find themselves setting high expectations to fulfill, trying to balance career, family, pre-pandemic pre-pandemic worries and more what remains. energy depletion. Finding fulfillment in all aspects of life is no longer easy, making us unsatisfied and gradually losing our balance.

Maybe we haven't realized that we have to deal with all that fatigue with a single self-awareness. It is simply that we have not yet balanced our body-mind, and need a start to find a balance of holistic health. Here are 4 important ways to balance your mind, body, and soul. Let's consult with Olabenflows! 



Not everyone understands that the food we are consuming every day has a great influence on our body and mind. By fueling the body with healthy and nutrient-rich foods, the body will gradually absorb it and health will increase to a better extent. When the body is full and full of energy, you will have enough strength to solve difficult problems, and the brain will be able to access and select information. Research has linked unhealthy foods and chronic depression - what you put in your body matters a lot.

Eat foods full of vitamins and nutrients, whether you don't like them or they don't taste good, but it's time for your body to get its amazing effects on your skin, hair and more.



It is understandable that you are always active, working non-stop for daily tasks and responsibilities. However, your body and mind are "calling" for you to give them a long-term rest! When you start to feel exhausted, the first step to take is to take the time to put your health needs first. Decreased physical health, mental stress will be the knife that kills you every day and affects your productivity. Take some self-care time to recharge, like going for a walk, getting a massage, watching a movie, and relaxing at home. Olabenflows suggests that you can spend 20-30 minutes doing Yoga, or simply practicing meditation to relax is also a good idea.

Có thể là hình ảnh về một hoặc nhiều người và ngoài trời


Balance your mind, body and soul from the very atmosphere of your home and this is something you should pay close attention to. Because your home is the place where you can relax most comfortably. No one wants to come home from work tired and come home with a messy space, the mood will be even more miserable. Create a spa-like atmosphere in your own home with very simple and extremely economical things. Start by lighting a few candles, the  candlelight has a calming effect on the soul. You can combine gentle scents such as lavender, vanilla or frankincense, to stimulate the senses as well as put your body into a state of relaxation. The next step, you can apply a mask, relax in the bath with some essential oils. In addition, enjoy some soothing music, frequency music to feel fully relaxed!




We have gradually become too dependent on technology, various smart electronic devices. The current lifestyle, even due to the pandemic situation, has created a hidden urge to be connected all the time. Olabenflows understands that is an indispensable necessity, but the devices will adversely affect overall health and affect the mind, narrowing awareness, making it difficult to expand mindfulness. Except for the time when you work online, practice Yoga online with the instructor, take some time to turn off the virtual connection, so that your mind can be more relaxed. Take care of the spiritual world by nurturing from meditative methods to connect deeply, calm mind, relax body.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và trang phục thể thao

Taking care of yourself takes time to become a daily habit. As long as you realize that you are the only one you should care. Love your body, then the balance between mind, body and soul will always be an interesting journey and extremely valuable results. 

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