5 Morning Yoga Exercises Energize Your Body


Enjoy an energetic morning with stretching yoga exercises that help energize your body. You will feel healthy every day to work hard, no more sluggishness and fatigue.

Baby Pose

Baby pose impacts on the hips, pelvis, thighs, and spine. Therefore, practicing this posture in the morning helps you relax body and mind, reduce stress, fatigue, and increase energy for the new day. You should use a yoga mat when doing this position to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

How to do:
- Start by kneeling on the floor and sitting on your heels. When you feel comfortable, keep your knees and hips open. Breathe evenly.
- Bend forward. 2 hands raised straight over the head. Expiratory. Notice that the head and toes are on the floor.
- Hold for about 5 count or longer depending on your ability.
- Lower buttocks touch heels, body returns to original position.

Cat Pose and Cow Pose

Cat Pose and Cow Pose are performed together to help the body improve spinal fluid circulation. In addition, this posture also helps to lubricate the spine, stretches the back and body, gently massage the organs in the abdomen so you feel more alert and the body will be more flexible throughout the day.

Note that when doing these two movements, your arms should not be too wide, too low or too high above the shoulder because it will easily slip and fall. Meanwhile, your knees must be kept straight with the hips and between the arms, the thighs also need to be tightened to help stabilize the body and not fall.

How to do:
- Sit in a kneeling position, put your hands on the floor, palms parallel to each other, shoulder-wide distance
- Slowly lift your back and butt, 2 arms parallel to 2 legs, perpendicular to the floor. Head straight, eyes looking at the floor
- Inhale, keep whole body straight, push belly down on the floor, head up to the ceiling in a cat
pose - Exhale, lift belly and spine arched, head down
- Repeat repeat 10 - 20 repetitions.
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Dog Face Up Pose

This yoga pose is very suitable for morning exercise because it has a very good effect on the nervous system, helping to soothe the brain and provide energy to the body. In addition, this posture also helps treat sciatica and reduce fatigue.

Dog pose is also effective for people with headaches, insomnia. Doing this pose regularly will help you reduce stress and depression; headache, insomnia, fatigue symptoms were also significantly improved.

How to:
- Start the posture with 2 hands on the floor, 2 toes touching the floor, knees open to the hip. Hands open with shoulder width apart, fingers spread wide.
- Breathe in, put pressure evenly on your hands facing the floor, lift your hips up to form an inverted V-shape. Hold for 5 hours and return to starting position. Repeat this 10 - 15 times.
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One Legged Dog Pose

This position mainly affects parts such as hips, hind thigh muscles, hip flexors and arms. Doing this pose regularly every morning helps soothe your mind, relieve stress and anxiety, boost confidence and boost your spirits.
When doing the one-legged dog move, you need to breathe evenly, squeeze your belly, straighten your legs, raise your hips so that the top of your knee is facing the ceiling when flexing the knee. Practicing the correct movements will help the muscle groups to be affected the most deeply, you will feel comfortable and comfortable, without muscle aches or discomfort.

How to do:
- Start with a dog face down position, arms, coccyx and legs need to be as stretched as possible.
- Take a deep breath, squeeze your leg and raise your right leg to the most comfortable level, now the hips are still level with the ground. Left leg straightened, heel touch the floor firmly to make a pillar.
- Exhale and bend your right leg with the heel facing the buttock, tilt one side of the body to the left so you can extend the right hip.
- Hold the posture and take two breaths to extend and extend the hip muscles.
Gently bring your feet back to the ground as you exhale, then switch sides.

High-wheeled Pose

This pose increases endurance for shoulders, back, arms, legs, and ankles. This exercise will help you increase flexibility in your hips, improve concentration and provide energy for the whole body.

If you are just starting out and find it difficult to balance, you can step the front step slightly wider right. If you have low back pain, gently bend your body forward from your hips to stretch your torso.

How to:
- Lie on your back on the carpet. Bend your knees so the soles of your feet are on the floor and closer to your buttocks. 2 legs hip-width apart.
Place your arms around behind your shoulders, fingers extended.
When you feel ready, start balancing your body weight, pressing your feet and palms, lifting your body off the floor. Neck stretched, head down
- Keep breathing gently.deep breaths
Take slow- Hold for a minute or so, or for times where you are still comfortable. Then gently lowered back down, sleep position corpse within a few minutes before continuing practice or ending rehearsals
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Make a habit of practicing yoga every 10 minutes every morning to help the muscles in the body become more flexible, while reducing pain and fatigue from the previous working day; purify mind, dispel stress and anxiety.
Choose a suitable workout, spread out the mat and practice with Olaben right away!

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