5 Yoga Poses That Increase Gratitude


Yoga not only helps yogi lose weight, have a supple or a perfect body. Yoga leads yogi to liberate the body, dispel sorrow and negativity, take a new source of energy, with tolerance, altruism and gratitude.

Living with a grateful heart, we will love life more and enjoy the things given by nature, satisfied with reality. Not everyone knows how to control and expand their gratitude. The 5 Yoga poses below will help you increase your gratitude from the depths of your heart. Let's find out with Olaben!
5 tư thế yoga giúp gia tăng lòng biết ơn

Baby Pose

Open your hips gently with your upper body supported by the knees. In this position, the exerciser completely relaxes the body, mind and breath; ralease the spine.
Meaning: The baby's position makes us feel peaceful and gentle; grateful for life on this Earth. Life keeps us alive even without any effort.

Cobra Pose

This position pushes the chest forward, stretches the shoulders, helps the heart and lungs expand. However, you should not bend your back too deeply before opening your chest as this can lead to lower back injury.
Meaning: When the heart and lungs are tightened, breathing becomes easier and makes you feel the flow of breaths circulating throughout your body, sending the diffusion running from head to toe. As you exhale, each of the stress and fatigue flows with the breath out of you.
5 tư thế yoga giúp gia tăng lòng biết ơn

Swan Pose

Thanks to this pose, the entire back, buttocks and hind legs are stretched, and the front hip joint is also moved to become more flexible. The head is slightly lower.
Meaning: Show humility, conforming to the natural flow. Lightly close your eyes when performing this pose, directing your attention to your inner soul to give gratitude to every part of your body.

Bridge Pose

Place a long pillow below, supporting the hips lifted off the ground while limbs relax. This posture helps the waist and lower abdomen stretch, so that the practitioner can relieve stress and fatigue.
Meaning: This yoga pose makes you feel grateful and confident in life. Helping you become more courageous, confident step out of your comfort zone.

Reverse Plank Pose

This is a challenging pose that requires courage and determination from you. Straighten arms and legs on the floor, while pushing hips up. Lift your chest, squeeze your abdominal muscles, keep your neck straight and face forward.
Meaning: Increasing confidence and love for yourself. Be grateful for your body for always being healthy, supporting your soul.
5 tư thế yoga giúp gia tăng lòng biết ơn
Gratitude helps you feel satisfied and satisfied with your life now. Let Olaben relax yourself from the pressures and difficulties, give yourself moments of peace to the fullest. 

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