5 Yoga Pose Rejuvensecent For Women


Aging is an obsession of all women, especially when the time of pre-menopause is close. Not bothering to see their bodies get old, many women have turned to yoga as a medicine to keep the body youthful. Join Olaben to learn 5 yoga poses to help rejuvenate the body for women!

Camel Pose

Benefits:helps increase blood circulation to the brain and scalp cells, promotes hair growth and firmness, avoids hair loss. Common when entering middle age.

How to do it:
- Start with kneeling position, back straight, legs shoulder width apart; Instep face down on the floor, soles facing up
- Inhale, hands on the lower back, the horizontal position of the pelvis
- exhale, lean body back, and slowly lowered one hand to grasp the heart foot. Continue with your other hand.
- Tilt your neck back, lift your chest up, feel your chest muscles and lungs expand
- Hold for 30 seconds-1 minute.
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Shoulder-stand Pose

Benefits: Dubbed the queen of, this pose is a powerful inversion pose, making it easier to enter other, more difficult poses. Standing with shoulder position helps digestive system and secretion improve, reduce premenopausal symptoms, fatigue signs and insomnia.

How to do it:
- Start the posture by lying on your back on the mat, with your legs straight and hands down the body
- With one quick motion, lift your legs, buttocks and back up, so that your elbows support your lower body, forming a standing on your shoulder. Control hands slowly for back support
- Once you are in position, slowly move your elbows closer together. Straighten your spine and legs up to the ceiling. Your body weight is on your shoulders and arms. Do not put body weight on neck or head
- Adjust your toes, hold the posture for 30-60 seconds, take deep breaths. If you feel the pressure on your neck or neck tighten, relax immediately
- To complete the posture, slowly lower your knees, bring your hands to the floor and lie flat on the carpet

Cobra Pose

Benefits: This pose helps stretch chest, shoulders, and abdomen, and tighten buttocks. At the same time, it helps the back muscles become flexible, reducing sciatica pain to keep the body as healthy and supple as when still young.

How to do it:

- Lie on your side on the floor, straighten your legs, toes touch the floor. Put your hands on the floor, stretch your shoulders, elbows close to your body.
Press your toes, thighs, and pubic bones on the floor.
Take a deep breath, stretch your arms, lift your chest off the floor.
Tense your shoulder blades, then lean back, stretch your side ribs forward. Lift over the top of the sternum but avoid pushing the ribs forward, flexing the spine.
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Lotus Pose

Benefits: With the name of the flower symbolizing rebirth, the Lotus is the perfect yoga pose for yogis who want to return to their youth. This posture stimulates the acupuncture points and the lymph nodes so that the organ systems work smoothly, while also helping to reduce pain. Not only that, it also helps the brain relax and calm thoughts.

How to do it: 
- Sit on a flat surface, straighten your back and stretch your legs forward
- Carefully move the thigh meat to the sides and stabilize the bone sitting on the floor
- Gently bend the right knee, bring the table right leg toward chest (can use hand to fix on left thigh)
- Do the same with left leg
- When legs are crossed, place hands on thigh on Gyan Mudra and relax. Head and back straight. 
- Close your eyes, take a deep breath, concentrate mentally. Hold for a few breaths, then relax and work with the opposite leg.

Plow Pose

Effect: Stabilizes the thyroid gland, detoxifies the body, helps the body to be healthier and more supple, enhances the functioning of the digestive organs.

How to do it:

- Lie on your back, exhale and bend from hip level, slowly bring your feet over your head, toes touch the floor. Try to keep your tummy perpendicular to the floor as much as possible with your legs fully extended.
With your toes on the floor as support, push the upper thighs and tailbone straight up to the ceiling. Continue to pull your chin away from your chest, relaxing your neck.
- Push your back to the ceiling (you can use your hands to support the back). Knitting palms together, leaning against the blanket while lifting thighs towards the ceiling.
Hold this position for 30 seconds- 1 minute. Return to starting position, relax.

Stay young forever at the same time healthy body and relaxed, peaceful, and peaceful mind with 5 extremely useful yoga poses mentioned above. Pick yourself a favorite workout and start training with Olaben right away!

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