6 Best Yoga Poses You Should Concern For Period And PMS



Discomfort, fatigue and pain are feelings that women have to experience when the day comes to a period stage. Although the body in those days refused to move any muscles, exercises are always recommended. Researcher has shown that Yoga has many good effects of reducing pain naturally and improving your mood very effectively.

Here is a summary of 6 Yoga poses you should concern for Period and PMS  for women that you can completely practice at home. Let's find out with Olabenflows! 


What is PMS?

Let’s do a few searches about this famous syndrome that most women suffer from. When a person experiences premenstrual syndrome (called PMS), it is often characterized by irritability, discomfort, anxiety, and emotional instability. Physically in a state of chest pain and headache. More severe psychological problems such as depression.The syndrome lasts for 7-10 days before or usually ends after the onset of period. The level of PMS syndrome in women, whether mild or severe, needs to be paid attention and gradually overcome, otherwise it will seriously affect the mind disorder.

Paying attention to the youth health of all women, Olabenflows encourages everyone to consider Yoga as a gentle and suitable sport to minimize the fatigue that clings to women every month. 



This is a basic pose for women who want to restore energy and expand hip muscles.You can practice anytime, anywhere and the results are 100% effective in improving the PMS and period. 


Benefits: Bound Angle Pose helps you to relax deeply, regular practice will have a great impact on the reproductive organs, kidneys and bladder. Stimulates your abdominal area and soothes menstrual symptoms, cramps and lower back pain. In this pose, your chest and shoulders are more open and flexible. At the same time, reduce stress, fatigue, improve blood circulation and calm the mind. 


Instructions: Start in a seated position and bend your knees, then bring the soles of your feet together. Press your back into the floor while lengthening your spine. Inhale, press your hips down and the top of your head toward the ceiling. Drop your shoulders down and back and press your chest forward. Press your knees into the floor to open your hips. Keeping your back flat and chest open, exhale and gently pull your torso forward. Breathe and hold for 3-8 breaths. Stay in this position for one to five minutes to feel the full effect. 



In Yoga, the baby pose with the knee extended variation will be a great pose for women who want to adjust their mood, feel more comfortable and calm when the days come to face PMS syndrome.


Benefits: Baby Pose restores the spirit, the tension in the muscles of the hips, thighs, lower back, abdomen is eliminated. The feeling of security takes over and you will feel more relaxed, the brain is calm, there are no more anxious thoughts accumulated.


Instructions: When performing this pose, your legs are bent, your head is close to the mat, and your arms are stretched out, creating the image of a baby fetus. Extend your knees slightly to your hips and lower them. Lower your face to your heels with your toes touching. Hold the pose for a few minutes to feel the effect. 



This is a fairly common pose that requires proficient practitioners with wide strides. The benefits that this pose brings are very good for the pelvic area, as well as helping to reduce abdominal pain on period and PMS days. 


Benefits: This Yoga exercise helps to stretch your pelvis, spine and legs while releasing tension in the hips, thighs and lower back perfectly. As the enemy of PMS syndrome, this position reduces pressure on the lower abdomen and helps blood circulation better. An interesting factor is that pregnant women will have an easier time giving birth thanks to this position.


Instructions: Start in a seated position and extend your legs to the sides so that they form a 90-degree angle with your pelvis. Move your palms forward and bend forward from the hips, hands crawling step by step to the rhythm of the body's fall. Bend as deep as possible according to your ability. Hold this pose for 1 minute to feel it. You can use the included exercise blocks to support your chest. 



Cat-cow yoga pose has many health benefits and is always the top basic exercise because it is so easy for everyone to practice. The effects of supporting stretching back muscles will take away the pain caused by period days.

Yoga pose cat cow illustration - Mather Hospital

Benefits: Doing the cat-cow pose not only improves blood circulation in the discs in your back, but also improves your balance. Combined with the breath will help reduce negative emotions, calming the spirit very well. This yoga pose is suitable in the morning and is the ideal warm-up exercise to prevent back pain.


Instructions: Start by leaning on and placing 4 feet on your mat. Align so that the hands are directly below the shoulders and the knees are directly below the hips, legs hip-width apart. At this point, the spine will be a straight line connecting the shoulders to the hips. Stretch your neck and inhale while doing Cow Pose. On an exhale, move into cat pose by twirling your spine up toward the ceiling, pulling your stomach in, and looking at your navel. Inhale and return to Cow Pose. Exhale and return to Cat pose. Repeat this several times to help relieve pain from period.



The Low Lunge pose is extremely supportive in the enlarged hip muscles, the back is always kept straight and not stooped, so this is also considered a yoga pose to help adjust the spine, creating a comfortable feeling for the lower back area. For women affected by PMS syndrome, this position is a necessary condition for the hip and abdominal muscles not to be compressed by period pain. 


Benefits: This yoga pose helps to stretch your back, thighs, and feet. Strengthens muscle groups and bones in the back, while reducing pain and making the spine more flexible. Regular exercise will improve pain and mood will get better every time you go through a series of period days.

Instructions: Start in Downward Dog, and on an exhale, step forward with your right foot and slowly lower yourself to the floor. Gently lower your left knee and slide your right foot back. Lower yourself until your right knee touches the mat. Eyes are always looking straight ahead. Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.



Presence of the image ofa dove, this pose is considered a beautiful pose and is suitable for women to practice when it comes to menstruation. If you have mastered the basic poses, you can upgrade to the pigeon pose to feel the great benefits.


Benefits : Pigeon Pose is especially helpful in expanding the hips, stretching the thighs, groin, and back, and increasing pelvic flexibility. Stimulates internal organs, solves urinary problems and eliminates lower back pain - familiar signs of PMS stress. In addition, this yoga pose also helps those who sit for a long time to improve sciatica, very effective, right?


Instructions: To do this, start sitting on the mat with your right leg flexed, feet pointing inward to your pelvis. Extend your left leg straight back, trying to keep your legs parallel in a straight line on the mat. Keeping hips square, bend forward, head and chest up, breathe deeply and relax evenly. Take time to feel the deep tension and slowly exhale to remove them.


Just every day, women regularly perform movements to support the waist and hips, breath gently through each rhythm of yoga poses, and period pain will gradually disappear. All anxiety, fatigue and discomfort caused by PMS will go away. 


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