7 Best Yoga Props You Will Actually Need


Yoga props are an indispensable accessory in every training session, especially for beginners because they facilitate exercise more easily. Check out the 7 most recommended yoga props with Olaben!

Comfortable Yoga Clothes 

Clothing is one of the items that need the most attention because it has a direct impact on mobility and exercise. Yoga clothes that are too stiff or too loose in size will make you uncomfortable, get entangled, or clothes can get damaged when you try to do the more advanced moves.
You should choose comfortable exercise clothes, which help you to move and exercise flexibly. Priority is given with 4-way stretch, sweat absorbent and breathable material for you to comfortably, confidently exercise for many hours.
In addition, you should choose seamless outfits or designs that have the back of the pants, high and tight belts to avoid being pulled out of the way while exercising.
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Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat plays a very important role because they help avoid injuries during practice, ensure cleanliness, and do not cause dangerous slippage. At the same time, the yoga mat also helps balance the body temperature, minimizing sudden cooling when in direct contact with the floor.
You should choose exercise mats made from natural rubber that can easily decompose after use, environmentally friendly and reduce odors than neoprene. In addition, you should pay attention to choose mats with solid adhesion, anti-slip to maintain balance, avoid injury affecting your joints such as wrists, foot joints.
Today's mat designs are increasingly being improved with lighter and thinner weight for you to easily fold back after training, avoiding the entanglement of surrounding space. At the same time, it can be put in luggage to carry when traveling, ready to practice anywhere.
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Yoga Towel

Yoga Towel can be used to wipe sweat and protect your face from dust and pollution. When exercising at high temperature and intensity, you should bring a damp towel to cool the body promptly and help reduce sweating. 
To avoid dehydration caused by sweating and exercise, you must replenish water quickly and adequately. After practicing Yoga, you should drink 1 or 2 glasses of warm water to replace the water lost after the exercise. Do not use water that is too hot or too cold as they are both bad for your stomach and your health.

Yoga rope

Yoga rope is like an extra arm that extends positive support, making difficult poses easier. For example, with movements that the practitioner needs to hold but the arm length cannot reach, at this time, rope the yoga will take effect.
Many people practice too focused on showing the posture and forget about the need to align the correct postures. At that time, the yoga rope will be a tool to remind you of the distance between the regions to correct in a timely manner, avoiding the misalignment in the long run, from which you may accidentally encounter injuries not worth it.

Yoga Blocks

The first time you practice, you will definitely be struggling and surprised because there is no firm fulcrum. At that time, yoga blocks were the most optimal solution. Yoga blocks can aid in difficult and vigorous poses. For example, if you cannot touch the floor when you bend your body, the block will support you to stretch forward, thereby performing more flexible movements.

Yoga blocks are made from many different materials depending on the purpose and needs of use such as bamboo, sponge or plastic. Besides, they also have a variety of mass and thickness, the heavier the blocks, the more likely it is to create a stronger support.

Yoga Bags

The attraction for many yogis is that your clothes will not get sweaty after practicing (unless you are in love with Bikram Yoga). Therefore, you can ignore the waterproof bag models and make choices for products with large spaces, which can hold more exercise items.

In recent years, the gym bag designs have been improved for higher applicability. Not only for storage, you can also use them as a fashion accessory, ready to wear from the gym to the street with friends.
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For individuals who wish to be able to strengthen the process of metabolism and lose weight quickly while yoga, the bangles is the optimal choice. Weightlifting exercises will help speed up the burning progress of belly fat in the body and bring a beautiful toned figure.
Bangle is a new innovation that combines yoga practice and fitness. You can wear them on your wrists or legs as jewelry, easy to adjust with a buckle to suit each physique and at the same time perform your poses without any interference or inconvenience. This is one of the new designs that promises to be more popular and explosive in the yoga community.
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For quick and easy training, don't forget to combine these 7 useful yoga props. However, you need to pay attention to choosing the right material and the quality so as not to backfire. Choose the best accessories here and start practicing!

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