7 Essential Tips for Effective Yoga Practice


Yoga is a journey of self-discovery and find yourself. However, if you want to get the effect more quickly, you need to learn the most essential yoga practice tips below. Find out more with Olaben!

Effective Relaxation

One of the reasons many people engage in yoga is relaxation. Exercise helps impact on the nervous system, improves blood circulation, stimulates the release of endorphins hormones. From there, energizing other organs to work more smoothly, providing the highest stability and efficiency.


Each yoga move requires skills, knowledge, self-control and control. This is not easy to do in a day or two, but requires learners to learn and practice for a long time. Without perseverance, you won't have the determination to practice and develop yourself yoga as well.
Each yoga move requires you to follow each step in the correct sequence and instructions to achieve the effect, avoiding hurting yourself. Each pose also requires maintenance for a certain amount of time, before being allowed to relax and rest. Practicing yoga over a period of time, you will gradually learn how to be calmer and more patient.
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What makes yoga so powerful is that it operates on the holistic principle of harmony and unity. Most notably, you know how to adjust and control breathing through rhythmic, deep and even breathing through breathing exercises. Adjusting the hot air in the body will bring abundant energy, improve the spirit for the better.

The correct breathing is just as important as when you are performing the correct movements. The effectiveness of the training process will be obviously enhanced. Practicing the right posture and breathing the right techniques helps the blood in the body to circulate more easily. The amount of blood gas to the brain will also increase, thereby improving conditions such as headache, dizziness, and increased blood pressure. Thanks to that, the body will be light, the mind will be more relaxed and relaxed.

Empty stomach before practice

You should practice yoga on an empty stomach, do not eat a lot before practicing. Exercising right after eating makes the stomach unable to digest food, thereby causing reflux. You should practice yoga in the early morning, late at night on an empty stomach or eat 5-6 hours before practice for best results.

People with low blood pressure can drink milk or juice about 30 minutes before exercising to avoid dizziness when hungry. After practicing yoga, you should let your body and digestive system rest for 10-15 minutes before you should eat liquid food, after 30 minutes to eat solid foods.

Choose the right exercise

Yoga is a discipline that requires enough and correct practice to achieve the maximum effect. First, you need to learn and practice basic yoga exercises, then gradually raise the level of difficulty, avoiding "jumping" because the body will not have enough health and flexibility to meet advanced exercises.

Each person will have a different degree of endurance, health and endurance, corresponding to each exercise and type. You should not try to practice the movements you are out of or try to shorten the learning time to expect the fastest results as this can backfire, cause injury and cause your body pain .
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Warm up before exercising

Warm up before exercising is a must when doing any exercise, not just yoga. A warm-up warms the body, stretches the tendons, pulls and stretches the muscles, avoiding unwanted injury. You can practice with simple warm-up yoga poses such as rotating the arms, legs, neck, shoulders, ... for about 15 minutes before exercising for the best lubrication of joints and tendons.

Serious and positive energies

Yoga offers comfort and relaxation, but that doesn't mean we see it as a walk or a fad. Yoga requires practitioners to be really serious, putting all of their health, mind and spirit every time they practice in order to be able to properly achieve the physical and spiritual values that yoga wants to convey.

The above tips not only help you practice more quickly and easily, but also provide more useful information for you to understand more about the core values that yoga brings. Get yourself a favorite workout with Olaben here and get ready to train now!

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