7 Lý Do Khiến Yoga Trở Thành Quyết Định Đúng Đắn Trong Năm Mới


Leaving behind all the chaos of life, Yoga brings people to be immersed in a private world slowly, gently and quietly. That is the reason why, in recent years, Yoga has gradually become the ideal and motto of modern people. 

Starting a new year with many plans and ambitions, are you thinking of adding Yoga to a part of your life? If you are still wondering, let Olaben tell you about 7 reasons why Yoga is such a right decision this New Year.

What is yoga?

Originating in India 5,000 years ago, Yoga is a practice method that requires a harmonious combination of body and mind. It includes breathing exercises, meditation, and postures created specifically for yoga. Through the above exercises, the practitioner will know how to control breathing, control the flexibility of the body, improve intelligence and clarity. Thanks to Yoga, many people have been able to get rid of negative thoughts, build a healthy lifestyle and create happy values. These thousands of reasons are factors that help yoga survive and develop for thousands of years.

7 Reasons to Choose Yoga

Improve heart healthy

Heart health is always the first concern of people because the heart is the key to life. However, with the hasty lifestyle and the strong consumption of fast and low-quality foods, more and more people are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure has always been the enemy of the heart and the silent killer as they can cause stroke or heart attack at any time.

When practicing Yoga, the strength of the heart is increased, the blood vessels contract, helping blood circulation to be enhanced quickly and easily. As a result, yoga practitioners will have a healthy and enduring heart, free from dangerous conditions.

Reduce stress and avoid depression

Cortisol is the main stress hormone. The busier and more complex life is, the more difficult problems arise that the hormone secretes more. Not only burdens the mind, they also affect productivity, which in turn causes stress to increase exponentially. If you don't know how to adjust it in a timely manner, anxiety and emotional panic can lead to depression.

Through meditation, controlling breathing and adjusting Qi from within each person, the practitioner will gradually feel calm, relaxed. Negative thoughts along with that gradually disappear, giving way to positive things, for original values ​​of life.
7 lý do khiến chọn yoga trở thành quyết định đúng đắn trong năm mới

Increase endurance, improve joint condition

Yoga exercises are created with many different positions scientifically to bring the best benefits to the practitioner. The person who just joined must be overwhelmed and surprised by the many dangerous positions at first glance. However, Yoga does not develop on the basis of talent but the determination of the practitioner. Practicing persistently for a while, the practitioner's body will become more supple, conquering even postures that he thought was unexpected.

As the body becomes more flexible and resilient, the diseases of the bones and joints gradually decrease or disappear. Find the right exercises, know how to listen to yourself, you not only cure the illness but also save the soul.

Improve breathing

We can fast for a few days, but cannot stop breathing for a few minutes. The breath is human life. A healthy breath reflects an energetic body and vice versa, a weak breath indicates a poor health.

Knowing how to control and regulate breathing, lungs and heart will be healthier, optimizing the performance of these organs. Yoga exercises are mostly combined with Pranayama - a method of exercise that helps to regulate breathing in a methodical and gentle way. As a result, yoga practitioners know how to control their breathing better than others.

Improve the quality of sleep

A good night's sleep not only helps people rest comfortably but also is a golden time for the organs in the body to relax and regenerate after a long hard working day. Short sleep, fluttering sleep or trouble sleeping not only makes you tired, uncomfortable, and also makes your body not have enough time to metabolize and restore energy.

Through muscle contraction exercises with energy expenditure, physical and mental exertion, Yoga helps the practitioner have better sleep quality. At the same time, breathing control exercises help the practitioner minimize apnea or snoring loudly while sleeping.

Adjust healthy eating habits

Using a lot of green vegetables and organic foods in your meals, eating scientifically is a healthy green diet that is increasingly being adopted by many people. This method helps the body become gentle and serene, avoiding digestive tract conditions and dangerous diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, …

When practicing yoga properly, the whole mind and spirit are also gradually tempered, towards something gentle, positive, and kind. These things not only affect your lifestyle, thinking, but also your eating habits. At the same time, this method of eating helps your body feel lighter, making yoga practice easier.
7 lý do khiến chọn yoga trở thành quyết định đúng đắn trong năm mới

Suitable for all genders, ages

There is no limit to yoga. With the mind and mission towards a good, kind, and pure lifestyle, anyone can receive this health gift. However, depending on the individual condition, you should choose exercises and postures that are suitable for you to avoid unnecessary damage.

Simple yoga exercises for Beginners

Nowadays, finding a Yoga center is not too difficult, but many people are still afraid, wondering if they are suitable and pursue this practice for a long time or not.
You can try to learn yoga exercises online first at home if you still hesitate. Sharing from reputable yogis with lots of knowledge and experience, you can practice by yourself at home to test your abilities.
Besides, Yoga group association on Facebook is also a great ideal group you should join. As a meeting place for like-minded and love-minded people, telling the same story, your love for yoga will probably grow from here.

Yoga Diet

Yoga Diet has a lot to do with the ability to exercise. Get plenty of fast food, long-digestible foods that make the body heavy, difficult to complete well, and focus on exercise.
Instead, follow the scientifically sound green diet. This eating mechanism not only helps the body to be more gentle, but also helps you avoid dangerous diseases, thereby improving your own health.

Yoga outfit

A yoga suit with good elasticity and high ventilation will help you comfortably practice in many different positions for a long time without worrying about sweating after a workout. Not only that, the tight body curves also help you confidently show off the perfect curves after a long period of hard practice.
7 lý do khiến việc chọn yoga trở thành quyết định đúng đắn ngày đầu năm
A poor quality suit will quickly deteriorate after a few uses. At the same time, they can make you uncomfortable, limiting your movement. So, do not be afraid to invest in clothes and support equipment such as practice mats, dumbbells to practice in a comfortable and smoothest way.

Start the new year with new things. If you still do not know where to start, Yoga is definitely worth trying. Olaben will accompany you on the path towards a world of positivity, energy and happy values!


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