7 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Immune System In Covid19 Pandemic



In the middle of the darkest time when COVID-19 cases have not even ceased to multiply, our health is faced with challenges day by day. Resuming our work life with guarding us against COVID 19 pandemic, strengthening our immune system is a prerequisite. Yoga is one of the best ways to upgrade yourself due to having an anti-inflammatory effect on our body.

The 7 no-frills yoga poses below will help you to reduce stress and boost your immune system naturally. Let’s check them out with Olaben! 


*Don’t forget to warm-up your body gently by 5-10 minutes before starting. 



Known to strengthen your shoulders, chest, core and legs, this pose leaves you feeling relaxed. Releases the tension in your shoulders, reduces stress and anxiety, improves blood circulation, concentration and balance. It is considered to be one of the best yoga poses that boost your immune system . You can hold the pose for 30 seconds. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths. Repeat 3 times on every leg. 



This is a powerful pose where oxygen reaches your brain since it is at a lower position than your heart, leaving your cells energized. The benefit for this pose is to ease congestion in sinuses, thereby boosting your immunity. Relieves stress, anxiety and beats insomnia. Keeps you calm.



This pose falls under Surya Namaskar (sun salutation). It opens your lungs, strengthens your spine and increases your energy. This exercise helps to relieve stress and fatigue, elevates your mood. Also helps with asthma and breathing problems. About the pose, lying face down on the floor, legs stretched out. Place your palms under your shoulders. Your chin slightly touches the floor and pushes your toes to the floor. Take a deep breath, slowly lift your chest up, and bend back as much as possible.



Downward Dog pose is suitable for morning exercise, due to its good effect on the nervous system. Helping to soothe the brain and provide energy to the body. In addition, this pose is also effective for people with headaches, insomnia. Doing this pose regularly will help you reduce stress, depression fatigue and elevates mood and rejuvenates your mind. From standing position, bend over, placing your hands on the floor. Walk your hands out until both your hands and your feet are completely touching the mat. Resembling a downward “V”. Take your legs out to shoulder-width apart and spread your fingers apart. Press through your palms and keep your hips pushed back. Keep your neck relaxed and hold this position for 5-10 breaths.



This yoga pose is popular after the name of Lord Hanuman's mother's name "Anjani". It's considered as the best yoga to boost the immune system that strengthens you both, physically and mentally. Regarded as the simple yoga poses for older adults that helps them to heal from muscles and joints pain. It also adds a great balance and positive impact on your knees.  Since it greatly helps and improves tension in the joints, it's quite powerful yoga poses for seniors that not only help with boosting immunity but also helpful in joint and muscle pain. Practising Anjaneyasana helps in releasing tension from the hips, stretching the hamstrings, quads, groins, improving the knees and building a strong mental focus. 



A fairly simple pose, but you can’t imagine a yoga sequence to boost your immune system without it. It relaxes your nervous system and thus helps to strengthen your immunity. Start by holding the pose for 5 minutes, then increase the duration with practice. The more you do this pose, the more you can relieve stress, headache, migraine, insomnia, anxiety and menstrual cramps. It is also known to help with fertility problems.


Warrior II pose is a great pose for stretching the back and legs when they are tight due to being new to yoga. This pose prepares the practitioner to do the advanced forward bends. When you do this pose, your chest and lungs will be opened. It helps to stretch your hips, groins and shoulders. Furthermore, you can improve circulation and respiration, develop balance and stability,  and also build stamina and concentration.


Though 7 yoga poses keeps you healthy and safe physically as well as mentally, a self-care routine keeps you safe fully, so that you grab your yoga mats and practice yoga stress-free. For more interesting and useful yoga information, don't forget to follow Olaben!

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