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Yoga is a special exercise that combines many different types from basic to advanced. The nature of Yoga gives people natural "diamond" benefits such as strengthening bones and joints, anti-aging and healing the inner soul. As a result, Yoga attracts passionate Yogi to active practice and is willing to spread the quintessence all over the world.

 Therefore, Olabenflows would like to share the best advice from us to help you practice yoga effectively through the article below. Find out with Olabenflows!



Yoga is famous for the golden benefits that it brings to the practitioner. The poses in yoga help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility and suppleness, the skeletal system is better adjusted, blood is always circulated and the body's resistance increases markedly. Practicing yoga also helps reduce pain, arthritis, swelling caused by collisions. When you get used to yoga long enough, your body will be full of life, gradually agile and not as bad as before. In addition, Yoga is effective for chronic patients, reducing blood pressure in patients with symptoms of hypertension, high blood pressure.

A study has shown that practicing yoga for three months can reduce systolic blood pressure by 36 points and diastolic blood pressure by 15 points. Yoga has a great effect on people with diabetes to reduce blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Thereby helping to increase life expectancy and reduce complications caused by diabetes. 


What are the consequences of doing yoga in the wrong way?

Although yoga is easy to practice, it is very difficult to do it correctly. In some positions, it is necessary to correct the body angles to avoid affecting the bones and joints. If you do not practice the right method, practicing yoga will do more harm than good for your health. If you practice the wrong way, you may experience damage to ligaments, hips, wrists, knees, even, cervical spine and lumbar spine. This leads to degeneration of joints and spine faster and earlier than normal people, causing difficulties in personal life.


Common symptoms if you practice yoga in the wrong way:


Muscle tension

Repetitive movements that stretch the ligaments too much will strain the muscles in the back, neck, shoulders, and knees. Muscle tension can be a reaction to starting out, but when it comes to stretching, be careful that you're doing yoga the wrong way. 



If you practice movements such as reaching the maximum back when you have neck pain or an acute neck injury, it can make the injury worse. The wrong last movement can also cause life-threatening disc injuries.The shoulder joint is a large joint and performs many motor functions. At the same time, the shoulder joint is also very easy to dislocate if it is in an unfavorable position or stretches the ligaments too much. Tendonitis, shoulder instability is also a common harm when exercising incorrectly. 


Aggravating illness

Some postures that are not suitable in yoga for people with heart disease, blood pressure, headaches will make symptoms worse. Therefore, it is necessary to have detailed instructions and guidance from medical or sports professionals before and during exercise. 




Instructors are very important

Not anyone understands and pays attention to practicing yoga properly without a coach or instructors.The coach and instructors are there to assist you in guiding through the full range of skills and techniques to ensure you follow the correct sequence and details, avoiding making mistakes that cause injury. If you practice Yoga at home by yourself, we recommend that you have an instructor from the beginning or follow online yoga classes, then the instructors can still directly guide you thoroughly. Instructing the correct postures, sequence is extremely important in yoga practice. If you start with the wrong posture, it will be extremely difficult to correct later.


Always warm up well before exercising

To avoid excessive muscle strain and ligament stretching, you need to warm up thoroughly before exercising. 30 minutes should be enough for you to warm up all of your neck, shoulder, and spine joints. Warm-up will relax the muscles, focus hemodynamics, nerves and energy so that your body can adapt to high intensity exercise more effectively and easily.  


Comply to the Yoga’s process

The five steps in yoga practice include: meditation, warm-up, asanas, massage, and relaxation. Patients need to follow step by step to practice yoga properly. Practicing yoga is not a trend or a fad. Yoga requires perseverance, patience and determination to practice, which Olabenflows thinks are all factors that lead to a successful outcome. So, not in a hurry in each practice session, carefulness and accuracy is the decisive thing in practicing yoga effectively. 


Practice correct breathing in Yoga  

The key throughout to help practice Yoga effectively is the correct way of breathing during yoga practice. Correct breathing is a prerequisite for correct yoga practice because breathing methods are always associated with yoga poses, even though we also learn separate breathing methods for the body to absorb the essence and convey the purification for the body. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Inhale to stretch the abdomen, exhale to contract the abdomen. At the same time, breathe slowly and deeply to increase blood oxygen saturation as well as save energy. 


Time to practice Yoga effectively

You should pay a little attention at the right time to practice yoga more effectively. Make sure to empty your stomach before exercising. Eating full will make your body not ready and heavier when exercising. Early morning or late evening is the right time to practice yoga because then your stomach is completely empty. 

Practicing early in the morning will help keep the mind awake and clear to start the day and relax the stiff muscles. Practicing late at night is when the body is more resilient after a day and helps the mind that is tired because of the long day to become pure, calm your mind to help you sleep better. People with low blood pressure can drink milk or juice 30 minutes before exercise. After practicing yoga, in addition to relaxing postures to reduce heat when you have just finished practicing, you should not immediately eat food because the blood is concentrated in the muscles. Wait 15-30 minutes for your stomach to easily receive the best food. 


How long does practicing Yoga be effective?

The effectiveness of yoga practice is not measured by time, but by your discipline and perseverance to practice. There are people who practice correctly, pay attention and focus on discipline, so in their first sessions, the results will come faster. There are also people who practice for 3-6 months but still have not improved much compared to the original phase. The general reason is that they can't concentrate fully, or practice in the wrong way, maybe they lack faith and do not have patience and perseverance to practice. Practicing yoga properly at home is actually not difficult. The important thing is perseverance and determination in training. Think of yoga practice as moments when you can relax everything after a tiring day, practice Yoga when you need to find peace in your heart before the negative things out there. 



To be able to "wholeheartedly" practice Yoga effectively, keep in mind 4 important "No" principles, when you understand, you and Yoga will connect as one:


  1. NO HUSH: Yoga is a kind of sport that needs perseverance and patience. Always keep in mind that “The speed is not achieved” is the criterion when practicing yoga.


  1. NO RECORDS: Practicing yoga is not running after achievements, so don't force yourself to try like everyone else. Exercise naturally to gradually improve your body.


  1. NO EXTREME: Pay attention to personal health, depending on age and psychological status to choose the appropriate level and method of exercise.


  1. NO COMPARISON: Don't compare yourself to everyone else. Everyone has unique abilities and limitations and so is the practice of Yoga. Comparison will only discourage you and give up


  1. NO SPECIFICATION: Give your full attention to Yoga. As long as you focus and follow a suitable exercise-relaxation plan, Yoga will never let you down.


  1. NO DISAPPOINTMENT : Practicing Yoga is a process of effort. The effectiveness of Yoga is determined by your perseverance in practice. Think of Yoga as a place of relaxation, you will feel comfortable and have more confidence to continue trying. 


Finally, this is the friendly advice that Olabenflows gives to readers who have been paying a lot of attention to Yoga, wishing to connect Yoga and make themselves better. Olabenflows believes that just by following the advice, trying and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, living and eating habits, success is only one step away. Wish you success! 


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