Control Anger And Discomfort With Yoga


The reel of modern life makes you always feel tired, discomfortable and angry with everyone around you. Managing anger when it arrives is not easy. However, when you practice yoga, you will gradually develop yourself the ability to control and regulate your emotions.

Frequent anger can lead to risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, weakness, nervous system effects and insomnia. When you are angry, your breathing becomes more uncontrollable, urgent, and intense. Practices yoga help learners control their breathing, know how to regulate and keep their breathing steady, and emotional balance. As a result, short-tempered people, after seeking yoga, gradually become more temperate and calmer. 
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Any form of exercise, especially yoga, brings great benefits in psychological stabilization. Yoga makes you more open-minded, and tolerant in many situations where you would get angry easily, and also helps to control your emotions well. That's because yoga helps to release Endorphins - the hormone that plays a role in your excitement and enthusiasm during intense exercise.

Why do we use breath meditation to control anger? Because meditation not only stabilizes your emotions and relieves pressure, it also helps you stay calm even when you're experiencing anger. You will wonder why the breath and not the other parts of the body? Other than whether you cannot use your consciousness to command your heart to stop beating or the blood to stop flowing, the breath is something you can observe and control, and can train it.
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Short-tempered, out-of-control anger will bring big troubles. This not only hurts yourself, but also hurts others. Coping with anger is one of the certain skills you must equip in normal life.

The following 5 simple yoga poses may not be able to blow away your anger immediately, but it will gradually train you to know how to regulate your emotions and control your thoughts.

You should practice Yoga with these movements regularly to stay calm, never impatient before anything in life. 

- Wall Leg Ups: This pose requires you to raise your legs higher than your heart, thereby improving moods and anxiety. Not only that, this yoga posture also helps slow the heart rate to relax.

- Cobra Pose: With this position, the chest is enlarged, abdomen muscles are stretched, "awakening" the whole body, releasing the positive energy hidden inside the body. 

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- Butterfly Pose: You sit flat on the floor, your feet are pulled close to your lap and your knees open. This posture restores energy and relieves stress.

- Child Pose: Is a relaxing posture, supporting you to calm your mind, eliminate stress and anxiety while gently stretching your back. It also has a positive effect on the nervous system and lymphatic vessels.

- Cat Pose: This pose helps you release your body and energy in every breath. Not only that, but also helps stretch the spine, helping you to reduce aches and pains so that the body is comfortable for a spirit of happiness, excitement and no anger or irritation.

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