How To Enjoy Yoga Practice With Family Member At Home?


Family is so important. It is a home where one can be nurtured by careness and connection between members. According to social distance, parents spend more time staying at home with children and finding ways to accompany them all day. Yoga with family is the perfect way! Providing a wonderful benefits for adults and kids by incorporating mindfulness and physical body, yoga plays an excellent place for families to spend healthy and happy time together.

How to enjoy yoga with family at home? With a little extra preparation and an open mind there are many ways to incorporate family yoga into your home. Let’s find out with Olaben!

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Communicate with your children about yoga

Yoga is not an adult-zone only, yoga is for children also. Since there are many benefits from yoga practice which children can have such as fitness, relaxing, and even focus enhancing in the classroom. So the idea of bringing yoga close to them is very interesting. If you want to start with family yoga sessions, you need to start slowly. The concept of yoga may be a little strange to your kids at first, so just take one step at a time. Communicate with them frequently, show them how great yoga could be, and how joyful they can get. Be prepared for the fact that many children will get frustrated the first time, explain to them if they feel too much trouble, and always encourage them to try again. Their flexibility and enthusiasm could take them into poses they didn’t know were possible and perhaps they will enjoy these activities more and more. 


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Teach your Yoga practice to your family  

Be the guidance, the patience leader to lead your members, your children some example moves and poses. They are all quick learners, so you can start with some simple poses such as downward dog, cobra pose or cross-legged positions, and also the breathing lessons. When your child has the confidence in their abilities and the basics of poses and breathing, you can take family yoga to another level with some partner poses. There are many poses that children can do and the parents cannot. This humanizes the parent and eases the pressure that their children’s expectations can create. It is fun to practice together, side by side, even more fun to try to balance in poses together and enjoy the satisfaction when successful. In addition to all of the other amazing benefits of yoga, all of these gestures help to relieve tension in the parent-child relationship. 



Balance between technique and enjoyment

Family yoga can be a little bit tricky for parents to get into because it requires a different mindset. It is important to find a middle ground between fun, silly activities and deeper purpose of the practice. Talking, laughing and other expressions are great, but try to teach the basics of the purpose of the poses and breathing. Explain to them that they will need to take a certain amount of deep breaths through the nose for each pose. Before long they will get into a rhythm with the routine and breathing and they start to relax a little.

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Be free to have fun 

The different aspect of yoga with family, especially with children is that it is fun! People usually imagine yoga as the meditative side of the exercise, peaceful and quiet environments are so helpful for our state of mind. On the other hand, children naturally don’t want to be quiet all the time, and parents don’t need to push them to stay still, let them feel free and have fun with yoga. Family practice together, breath and move amidst giggles and get creative in creating poses. Noises can be an expression of their feelings, either joy or frustration. Allow them to let it all and join them, parents may also feel relief and happy instead. 

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Prepare everything needed to deep in yoga

Of course, preparing proper tools to practice yoga is a need. Some essential mats for both parents and children to workout. You can share your mat with your kids if there are some poses that don’t need much space. Cleaning the environment and setting up some spaces for the whole family can practice. In the midđle of the exercise, if you forgot, or want to try some new techniques and show it to your children, an option is to stream an online yoga class  — so your children can see more visual poses with instructors, come along with enthusiasm and creative imagination. Since the social distance rule is available, there are a lot of options for streaming yoga classes online for you to enjoy. You can find the best yoga classes here


Yoga with family is a key to create deeper connection between members, Bringing joyful feelings, utilizing this abundance of family time as an opportunity to enjoy moments of and spread the energy. Rolling out your mat and inviting your children to see what your yoga practice is a great way to model healthy behaviour and engage your children. 


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