How To Move From Isolation To Connection By Yoga\\\\\\\'s Energy?



Humans are used to a life that is under steady control of everything. When something happens and takes away that beautiful life, pushing people into a stage of getting out of control and worse situation - isolating themselves. As the Covid19 pandemic threatens life, the economy and society are no different from a "world in a miniature cocoon", standing far from normal communication.

The Covid19 pandemic shows how fragile human life is and how negative emotions surround each individual during the period of isolation. How to move isolation to connection by yoga’s energy for the present? Let's find out with Olabenflows!


Human nature is still the pursuit of freedom, being free to do what you like. Enjoy a life that is not difficult, not compressed and restricted by rules. However, when the threat of new mutations destroys a country's life, people cannot  react in time and can only experience anxiety and fear. Prolonged isolation is a testament to the devastating effects on an individual's physical, mental and cognitive health leading to depression, unstable psychophysiological factors. The following consequences such as poor sleep quality and weakened immune system are increasing.

So positive energy at a time like this is extremely important. To be able to tolerate positivity, transforming a series of isolated days can still connect with the surrounding community more. Some forms of yoga’s energy as a small exercise are designed to increase the cognitive ability of the nervous system, increase emotions and the connection between people and things. Through each movement, basic breathing, we can adjust all internal activities, transforming our thinking to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety.

Some of the techniques below will bring useful yoga’s energy and are easy practice do at home:

Let action speaks:

When you are faced with a state of bondage, staying in one place for too long will lead to a cascade of mental trauma, a feeling of being pinched and worse, mental terror because of the isolation, there is no way out. Regularly practice simple exercises such as shaking limbs, swaying your body, or doing one or two simple yoga movements to relieve stress outside, bringing positive Yoga’s energy deep inside. A little shaking exercise before starting a new day is very useful to promote body vibration, reminding the body not to sit for too long to create a feeling of boredom.


Practice deep breathing:

Did you know that if we have the vagus nerve running right through our diaphragm, the body will reduce the secretion of cytokine proteins, thereby helping with damage and swelling in the body's joints. Therefore, when you breathe slowly and deeply inward, especially prolonging the time of exhalation, it will definitely stimulate the vagus nerve and transmit to the nervous system, signaling that you are stable. and feel safe. Breathing exercises in Yoga are always incorporated throughout and the importance of breathing is always highly recommended. When inhaled, the breath will awaken energy in the body, facilitating blood circulation. When breathing out, feelings of tension and mental instability will carry the breath out. Pay attention to your inner listening and take more control of your mind so that isolation doesn't affect your life.


Relax your face

Another way for you to bring positive Yoga’s energy to be more socially connected rather than isolated yourself is to practice facial relaxation. The vagus nerve also touches the sense organs of our face. When our gaze sharpens, our jaws stiffen, our eyes dim, and our ears heat up, it's the primary sign that you're not feeling well, tired and not feeling safe. To calm your eyes and feel better mentally, try seeing the world on a less extreme level! Just every day you focus on relaxing the organs on your face such as: your jaw relaxes, opens your ears to listen to a gentle sound and your nose smells the scents from natural aromatherapy. In Yoga, there is also an exercise on Laughter Yoga - a method of mental therapy to remove sorrows or difficulties, anxious thoughts so that the soul can be at peace.

 Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và trong nhà

Virtual social connection but your life is not "virtual"

If you think that the time at home is so long that you don't feel any other connection outside of society, stop thinking so! Instead, you can still connect people around using social networks. Imagine better and more optimistic things when you are in “isolation” alone, thinking in a positive way that everyone is like you and they are doing well and so are you. Transforming the "not having" by the act of "having". You have a home to live in, food and drink, and the tools to connect people. Maintain the image of a relatively new life to gradually get used to it, from which the body gradually adapts better, and at the same time integrates the Yoga’s energy in the most perfect way.

 Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người, trang phục thể thao và trong nhà

The Covid19 pandemic has taught us that anything is possible and the worst has happened. Things are not going the way you want, but to overcome the obsession of isolation during the holiday season, always direct yourself to more optimistic, joyful factors. Applying the techniques in simple yoga exercises, your body will transform and return to a deep social connection. 

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