How To Practice Meditation For Beginners


Meditation is a fundamental skill in yoga, but there should be specific instructions for beginners. Find out with Olaben to learn how to practice for newcomers to this subject!

Meditation leads you to use your breath to bring your body and mind to a state of relaxation, peace; helps to better understand yourself and explore hidden values. However, you need to be able to immerse yourself in the flow of meditation in order to know how to connect your mind and body into a solid bridge that leads your emotions to where you want to go.

Choosing the right space

Space is the most important factor when you start learning how to meditate. A suggestion that you should choose a fresh and quiet place, so that you will not be disturbed or distracted during the process. 
Slowly sit down, relax, and place your hands lightly on your thighs. Sit comfortably on the floor with your legs crossed or sit on a chair with your feet down. Choose the sitting position you feel most comfortable in for the best possible effect of the meditation session.
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Breathe slowly and deeply

Lower your eyesight and close your eyes slowly. Start with a few slow and deep breaths, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Breathe instinctively and spontaneously, letting them go through your lungs in the most natural way. After each time the air is brought into the lungs like that, the breath will gradually become full and deeper. Keep the intensity of your breathing slowly and deeply like that, the exhalation is twice the exhalation. This is the most common meditation practice used by many yogis when they begin to practice.

Feel the change inside your subconscious mind

If you feel calmer and more relaxed with each deep breathing in your lungs, then it means that you are doing the right meditation practice. At this point, focus your mind entirely on the breath. Clearly felt every time the breath enters from the nasal cavity and exits the mouth. Focus on each breath as much as possible. If you no longer feel it, then you are distracted and your mind is diverted from your breath. Then, adjust your thoughts to bring it back. This will happen often with people who have just started meditating, but don't get discouraged. Being able to feel your breath has been part of the success and you can get it back into place if you pay more attention. Successfully exercising this ability will increase your own focus.
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Straightening your backbone while meditating

Posture is very important in meditation. You need to keep your backbone, neck, and head in a straight line for the duration of your meditation; otherwise, you may experience dangerous health conditions such as spondylosis, scoliosis, lumbar spine slippage.

Raise the body to lengthen the spine, widen the chest and lungs with each inhalation. Feel the flow of energy going from the base of your spine out through the top of your head. Take a deep breath and exhale gently while keeping your spine upright to keep you awake and refreshed.

Listening music to meditate

Some people want to meditate in silence, but there are people who need music as a catalyst to connect emotions and souls. 
Besides, you can also use MP3 or CD, or Youtube to listen to the slowest and most basic step-by-step meditation instructions, helping you to master the meditation techniques correctly.

Ending Meditation

When you are ready to exit Meditation, slowly open your eyes and get up slowly. Stretch after a long period of sitting motionless, bringing awareness and self back to the next real life activities. 
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