Mùng 1 Tân Sửu mặc gì để may mắn cả năm


In the past, people used to spend the whole Tet holiday enjoying themselves, rewarding themselves with a vacation after a long year of hard work. However, in recent years, that thought has gradually changed. Many people choose a balance between leisure and exercise. Just one hour a day with simple exercises, people also feel more peaceful and comfortable after parties.

Like clothes for Tet holidays, many people are interested in how to choose the first day of the year training outfit for the whole year to be lucky and peaceful. To answer this question, let's find out more with Olaben!

The colors of costumes

Feng Shui has a lot of influence on spiritual life and thinking of Asians in general and Vietnam in particular. On the first day of Tet, people often choose clothes with colors that suit their own destiny, hoping for a good year. 

The Metal Fate carries a metallic destiny, so they are suitable for the colors representing these elements such as yellow, white, and gray.
đồ tập Olaben mặc để may măn cả năm
Element of Wood represents life, plants and flowers. The colors representing nature, plants such as green, moss green, dark green, .. are believed to bring good luck to the Wood Fate.
đồ tập Olaben mặc để may mắn ngày đầu năm
Water stream is the embodiment of the destiny of the Element of Water. It could be a calm lake or an intense sea; Mild summer rain or a thunderstorm. So, depending on the personality of each individual, the flexible blue tone is suitable for each individual's personality. Pastel blue may suit one person, but for others, dark blue brings luck to them.

People of the destiny of Fire is a man of the burning fire, of the hot summer. As a matter of fact, hot colors such as red, pink, and purple are the colors that represent this destiny. Besides, you should wear green and blue alternately to reconcile and control the heat of this element.
Finally, the destiny of Earth represents the land, the cultivation, growth and development. Therefore, the colors brown and orange are the colors that the Earth priest hopes will bring them luck and wealth. 

Apparel Designs

Along with the considerable growth and interest of yoga lovers in recent years, the outfits have become increasingly diverse and stylish.

Choose for yourself a Jumpsuit with a slim fit to practice right from the beginning of the new year to subtly show off the pefect curves. The detail of the belt showing the bee back gently flaunts the sexy slender back.
đồ tập Olaben mặc để may mắn ngày đầu năm
If you want to refresh yourself, a bra with removable padding, multitude of straps radiating down the back are also an excellent choice. In addition, this bra also helps the default figure and adjusts the upper body over time. The tight-fitting leggings cleverly show off  long legs and blend with the wearer in every movement.
The tank top is young, dynamic, discreet, but still full of charm. Not only wearing them in the gym, you can comfortably wear them on the street, join your friends for coffee sessions, go out for a walk, and meet family in the beginning of the year when wearing an extra jacket. 
đồ tập Olaben mặc để may mắn ngày đầu năm
After each training session, don't forget to keep yourself warm from the chilly early spring winds with your Jacket. The modern, sophisticated design of the Jacket helps the wearer comfortably wear from the gym to the street without being afraid.

Attached Accessories

To highlight New Year's day outfits, don't forget about unique accessories. Attention to every detail, the wearer wishes a new year will be complete in all aspects.

The Yoga mat is an indispensable item for yogis. Just like clothes, many people carefully choose the Yoga mat’s color that is suitable for their destiny and age. 
thảm tập yoga Olaben mang đến may mắn ngày đầu năm mới
Olaben's Zodiac Yoga mat, with its 12 eye-catching zodiac designs, is a good choice for those who believe in horoscopes. In addition, the thin mat with light weight makes it easy to carry along with the travel of the year. 

Besides, other accessories such as hats and bags are also essential items in training sessions. 

Choosing simple clothes

Tet is an opportunity for reunions, a time for gatherings and parties. So too picky outfits sometimes bring some disadvantages to the wearer. They can interfere with movement, make it difficult to walk or stick to food. 

You should choose comfortable, simple outfits so as not to interrupt your activities.. A Yoga suit is not a bad choice in this case. If you want to keep more polite and discreet, you just need to put on a Hoodie or Blazer on the outside. 

What to avoid

On the first day of the year, people often avoid wearing dark colors such as black, dark gray, dark brown, ... because dark colors reflect dark, unlucky things, according to the concept bad luck no one wants. 
Besides, the designs with motifs representing evil and ominous things like skulls, weapons, ... are also taboo outfits on Tet. Pay attention and keep these things in mind so as not to affect everyone's feelings on New Year's Day.

Through the above article, Olaben hopes that during this Tet season, you can choose a suitable outfit, bring luck and a sense of peace when wearing them. Besides,  you can refer to the manual select costume collection as well as aids other yoga here!

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