5 Beautiful Yoga Designs For Women To Choose


A beautiful yoga suit not only honors the figure and curves of the wearer; it also knows how to cherish and immerse themselves in every yoga movement and posture you perform. Let's take a look at the impressive Olaben yoga suit designs you definitely won't want to miss.

S'angria Knotte Ribbed Set

A complete set of Bra and Legging, S'angria Knotte is all you need for your energetic yoga session.

S'angria Knotte Bra is made of a soft, eco-friendly fabric material. Feminine design exudes soft curves, full of vitality. The padding is removable and the belt is sturdy, supporting and shaping the upper body. The details of the cross-knit back straps show off a slender and attractive back.

The design of the knit shirt straps along the sides of the pants and the thin mesh lining the inside make S'angria Knotte Legging more trendy and stylish. The body embraces the visual deception, deftly stretching the wearer's legs. Exclusive Olabensoft material combined with a high waistband is designed to embrace the hip, help the wearer's waistline and assist in dissolving belly fat during exercise.
muôn vàn thiết kế đồ tập yoga đẹp cho nàng lựa chọn

Boleyn Luminous 

Boleyn Luminous Top and Boleyn Hw ⅞ Legging are the perfect duo for this upcoming festive season. 
Stylish Galaxy motifs become more radiant when combined on a sexy U-shaped design. The thin cord part hugging the body, showing off a desirable sexy back. 

Bringing a different nuance, perfect shape and length enough to reach the ankle, the motifs on Boleyn Hw ⅞ Legging become more sparkling, youthful and cheerful. The high waistband combined with the seam sewn meticulously done, increasing your confidence in every movement and movement.
muôn vàn thiết kế yoga đẹp mắt cho nàng lựa chọn

Gaia Bra

Inspired by camisole, Gaia Bra delivers an elegant look for the wearer. Stylized design shows off the slender shoulders and waistline. The ribbed fabric material embraces the body, helping the wearer to be slimmer. The padding is easily removable, helping you to customize the outfit comfortably as you like. Not only used in yoga, Gaia Bra is also the perfect fashion design for walking with friends.
muôn vàn thiết kế yoga đẹp cho nàng lựa chọn

V-waist Ribbed Legging 

Mix-n-match V-waist Ribbed Legging with Gaia Bra, it's the perfect combo to start your day with full of excitement. The V-shaped high-back design shows the toned abdomen and slim waist. The ribbed fabric provides maximum stretch, allowing you to exercise in a variety of poses. Not only that, this outfit also has good ventilation, absorbs sweat quickly even after many hours of practice.

Thairinma Jumpsuit

Suitable for all forms of yoga practice, Thairinma Jumpsuit is designed with a perfect slim-fit shape, hugging body curves of women. The U-shaped collar is cut deep so that the girls can confidently show off their charming blue straps. The details of the waist-belt shirt gradually draw the attention of the opposite person.
muôn vàn thiết kế yoga đẹp cho nàng lựa chọn
Not only used in the gym, Olaben's beautiful yoga designs can also be used in everyday life, walking down the street or participating in meeting friends. If you have chosen for yourself a good outfit, please contact Olaben immediately for further advice!

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