Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Yoga Clothes


Besides mastering movements and skills, yoga outfit is also one of the important factors affecting the quality of your training session. What to remember when choosing yoga clothes, let's find out more with Olaben!
những lưu ý khi lựa chọn đồ tập yoga


You will wonder why color has an effect on the quality of your training session. However, according to studies, color can affect the cerebral cortex and the anxiety management system, which in turn affects your emotions and energy while exercising. 

Red is the color of energy and excitement. The red color stimulates the muscles, helping them to respond faster and stronger. Wearing red clothes helps you perform high-intensity exercises that require a lot of strength.
Yellow is the color of the sun. They keep you awake and steady throughout the workout.
Green brings a feeling of relaxation and excitement to the wearer. If you've gone through a tiring day, wear these colors to revitalize your body and emotions.
White represents positive energies. White yoga clothes keep your mind at ease, impart an invisible force, make you feel truly at ease.

Apparel Material 

Material is one of the important factors affecting the quality of the training session. Posture in Yoga requires flexibility and movement from the practitioner. That is why yoga clothes always need good elasticity, helping yogis perform many complex movements easily. Ordinary clothing with low elasticity affects the exercise. They limit body movement and regulation.

Olaben yoga suit designs are made of exclusive Olabensoft material, lightweight, eco-friendly fabric, helping the practitioner keep good balance and maintain a longer posture. Not only that, they also have high ventilation capacity, quickly absorb sweat despite exercising for many hours.
những lưu ý khi lựa chọn đồ tập yoga

Costume size

Casual clothes such as t-shirts, shirts, ... often have spacious designs. However, if used in yoga, they can interfere with the yogi from performing the movements they want because of the stiff fabric and low elasticity. Therefore, unlike the rest of the gymnastics, yoga needs specialized outfits to support the practitioner in reaching the best intensity.

Professional yoga outfits are designed with slim-fit designs, hugging the body, helping the wearer to be elegant in every movement and posture. They make you feel confident in yourself and fully experience the feeling of relaxation.
You should be careful and check thoroughly when choosing an outfit. A suit that is too tight or tight can cause muscle pain, discomfort, and stuffiness. Not only that, it also makes it difficult to exercise and absorb sweat poorly.


Frustrated, patterned outfits can hinder you during your practice. However, the girls still want to choose the most modern and fashionable outfits that suit their personality.

Currently, there are so many designs and styles of yoga clothes for women to choose from. From Bra, Legging to Jumpsuit, Jacket. Olaben's designs are with the principle of convenience and simplicity, but still ensure elements of fashion, modernity and style for ladies who love new things.

With Bra and Legging outfits, you can show off your full, sexy waist, sexy back and long, straight legs. On the other hand, Jumpsuit mingles with the yogi with every movement, embracing the curve and graceful movements.
Putting on her overcoat, she kept herself private and courteous. Not only for use in the gym, Olaben's workout designs are also suitable for meeting friends, weekend walks or parties.
những lưu ý khi lựa chọn đồ tập yoga
A good workout can take you to conquer new limits, opening up a private world filled with relaxation and peace. At Olaben, our yoga outfits have everything you want for an energetic and passionate workout.

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