Những Điều Cần Lưu Ý Khi Tập Yoga Tại Nhà


Practicing yoga at home is an increasingly popular method because yogis can be active in time and space. Many people who are busy still try to spend their free time on yoga. However, because there are no instructors beside to guide and follow up, this can be potentially risky if you practice the wrong movements or encounter injury. In order to practice methodically and safely, please note the following with Olaben!
những điều cần lưu ý khi tập yoga tại nhà

The Benefits of yoga

Every person has a reason to practice yoga. Someone exercises to reduce stress, dispel fatigue and anxiety in life, hoping for a delight, peaceful and comfortable soul. Other people practice to improve health, enhance the flexibility of the body. Some people practice yoga to lose weight, the desire to have a seductive body. Whatever the reason, it all comes from love yourself and the desire to be happy, free spirit, repel sorrow.

Should we do yoga at home or not?

Nowaday, there are so many yoga centers for fitness enthusiasts. However, not everyone has enough time to pursue professional classes. The whirlwind of work sweeps people away from their passions and takes most of their free time. Instead, many people choose to self-study online at home. However, there are many things you need to keep in mind when choosing this kind of study.

Things to keep in mind when doing yoga at home

Practice space

This is one of the most important things because yoga places a lot of emphasis on breathing and movement in the most comfortable way. So, choose a spacious, airy, clean space, while adding a bit of tranquility to maximize your focus for exercise. Rooftop, balcony, living room are ideal places you can consult.
những điều cần lưu ý khi tập yoga tại nhà

Warm up

Even if you rush or exercise in short times, remember to warm up well. Skipping warm-up phase can result in cramps or unnecessary injuries, making yoga practice counterproductive.
Warm-up helps bones and muscles to be more elastic and flexible, then you can rest assured to practice difficult positions in the most comfortable way.


Yoga postures had several workouts with difficulty levels and different complexity. If you practice at the centers, the instructors will follow up and give you appropriate advice. However, if you practice at home, you must do this on your own. To ensure safety and exercise the right way, consult a variety of exercise positions and judge for yourself which one will suit you. Or you can also practice the postures that you have learned to ensure your safety.

Choosing lectures

Youtube has many online lectures for you to learn. Most of these lectures come from well-known, experienced and knowledgeable yogis. With teaching, exchange and interaction, you will be "tuned up" mentally, full of energy and enthusiasm to practice.

Practice with your friends

If you feel lonely and bored, invite more friends to practice with. Having more companions will give you more energy and willpower. Besides, you and your friend can take turns making comments and adjust movements for both better practice. 

Unfortunately, the friends are not the same passion, the Yoga group on Facebook is a great place to find new friends with the same interests. As a gathering place for health-oriented people, finding a peaceful place, you will easily have a friend in harmony with you. 

Exercise Clothing

Make sure to wear the correct yoga suit even if you only practice at home. Wearing the right clothes ensures a smooth workout. With its elasticity and high airiness, a yoga suit can follow your movements. Normal clothes are usually low elastic, so they can hinder you from performing difficult poses.
những điều cần lưu ý khi tập yoga tại nhà
Keeping these things in mind not only helps you maintain a highly effective training state like when you practice in the center, but also avoids unwanted damage. If you have any doubts, come see Olaben here to understand more clearly!

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