Những Nguyên Tắc Ăn Uống Vàng Cần Ghi Nhớ Khi Tập Yoga


To have a complete Yoga practice roadmap, there is no shortage of a reasonable and scientific diet. Remeber the golden rules in the diet, you can practice yoga in the best state of mind and health. Discover with Olaben!
những nguyên tắc ăn uống vàng khi tập yoga

Keep a relaxed mind and calm attitude

Attitude and spirit greatly affect the process of consuming food. If you eat in a hurry, you will not have enough time to chew, which in turn leads to an up stomach ache.

You should eat slowly to fully feel the taste of the food, and enjoy the delicious feeling. Give your body to comfortably to secrete the hormones needed to crush food. What keeps you in the best health and spirit!

Drink lots of water during the day

Practicing yoga requires you to use a lot of energy and mental focus during the sessions. This can dehydrate your body. So, please drink water several times a day to replenish it promptly. 

Besides water, you can use juices and smoothies to change your diet. However, be aware that sugary drinks should not be consumed as they can adversely affect your heart health.

Eat meals at the right time

Leaving an empty stomach can cause health problems such as stomach achet, low blood sugar. Skipping meals for long periods can affect the circadian clock, disrupting overall eating and drinking times. 

The body in general and the digestive system in particular need "discipline" in the eating process. If you eat at the right time every day, for a long time, your body will set a fixed eating time, ready to digest food.

If it is time to eat but you are still not hungry, drink some water and eat a little bread. Make sure there is always enough food in your stomach so that your stomach can contract, avoiding stomach ache.

In one meal, eat from four to five different kinds of foods, ensuring enough nutrients for the body. Meals need to be 6-8 hours apart to fully digest old foods. After practicing yoga, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to eat liquid foods (soup, smoothies, detox) and after 30 minutes to use others. This will give the body enough time to restore the body to its normal state after exercise.
những nguyên tắc vàng khi ăn uống trong yoga

Adopt a green diet

Eating a lot of green vegetables is a scientific eating method that more and more people are following. Green diets bring many essential nutrients to the body, making the body healthy, refreshing and more energetic. Especially for those who practice yoga, eating green helps your body to be supple and active, and to easily perform many positions during exercise.
Foods that contain high amounts of starch, meat, fish and fat can lead to dangerous diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, and cancer. 

Not only that, but a green diet is also a way to help us protect the environment, maintain the life of animals. The origin of Yoga is towards the truth and beauty, positive for life and humanity. Therefore, eating green is also a way to help you find the true values ​​that yoga brings.
những nguyên tắc ăn uống vàng khi tập yoga

Limit eating at night, alcohol and other carbonated drinks

Late night is a golden time for the body organs and yourself to rest after a long day of hard work. When eating at night, energy will not be used, thereby metabolizing and accumulating into excess body fat, causing obesity. Eating at night also makes it harder to fall asleep because the body needs to consume up to 75% of the energy it has absorbed.  

When drinking alcohol, the toxins that are not purified in time will be trapped in the liver. Consumed over the long term, this can affect the health status of the liver. A weak liver will make the body pale, tired, lack of vitality.

Carbonated beverages often contain a lot of chemical sugars. Not only can they easily cause obesity, they can also lead to cardiovascular diseases, dangerous blood pressure. Instead, choose juicing products to take advantage of the natural sugars found in the fruit. Not only are they healthy, they also energize you to participate in your yoga sessions.

A healthy body will conquer exciting things with you, opening new limits for yourself. By heart of the golden rules in eating, you will have for yourself a positive state and a clear and alert spirit. For the latest Yoga news and knowledge, don't forget to follow Olaben here!

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