Top 10 Fitness Brands Leads The World In 2021


The following 10 fitness brands are expected to explode and lead the world in 2021. Learn and choose the most suitable, modern and outstanding designs with Olaben!


It's no surprise that Nike is in the top 10 of these top fitness brands. This king of sports fashion was established in 1964 with the classic slogan "Just do it".

In the yoga and gymwear segment, Nike is always the first choice for comfort, professionalism and trend leading. Nkie's endless inspirations are conveyed in each product. The themes and campaigns are changed every year, bringing a variety of designs to customers. In addition, the material that this brand uses has excellent perspiration absorption, high durability, and excellent elasticity. The shape is designed to fit the body, not creating unpleasant feelings for the wearer during use. The quality in each product is the adjective that best describes the designs of this brand.
10 thương hiệu đồ tập cao cấp dẫn đầu thế giới năm 2021


If Nike focuses on features, Adidas focuses more on product design. This is both the pros and cons of Adidas. Adidas products are always oriented towards a youthful and modern style, which is more innovative and suitable for many different customer segments.


Founded in 2010 in New York and relocated to Toronto, Canada, Michi clearly targets a female audience, wanting to show off sexy curves. Michi products use soft and silky fabrics with maximum sweat absorbency, combined with precise fabric elasticity. The above properties help the outfit to tighten the body but still ensure the blood circulation functions inside.

Lucas Hugh

Lucas Hugh's contribution in the movie The Hunger Games brought the brand's name closer to the public and helped the brand confidently assert its highest position in the fashion market. High-end training. However, the price of Lucas Hugh's product is quite high when a pair of Leggings costs up to $ 400. Despite harsh condemnations about pricing for his products, founder Anjhe Mules is confident: his brand will continue to grow. The garment technologies applied to Lucas Hugh's products deserve such a high price tag.


Gymshark is an emerging fashion brand with modern designs that cleverly show the body curves of women in the most perfect way. This brand provides a full range of accessories such as coats, t-shirts, sportswear, bra, leggings, ... The quality of Gymshark's products is always appreciated and takes a certain trust in customers' hearts.
10 thương hiệu đồ tập cao cấp dẫn đầu thế giới năm 2021


If you are a football fan, then surely it will be no stranger to this brand. Puma is the 3rd largest sports fashion brand in the world. It is also a clothing sponsor for many football teams. Puma directs customers to wear workout clothes but can still wear them in the street. That is the special thing about each of Puma's products that makes the brand mark the difference between the extremely competitive yoga fashion market.

Under Armor

Under Armor is a well-known brand with a wide range of sports lingerie, supplied to a wide variety of customers around the world. The highlight of Under Armor products is designed in such a way that the wearer does not feel constrained, comfortable and is always the most dry during the exercise.


Despite being owned by Adidas for more than 10 years, Reebok is not fading, but on the contrary, the brand increasingly asserted its influence in the bodybuilding world. Today, Reebok is recognized as one of the famous women's gym brands. The staff of creative, talented and always leading gym fashion trends is a great advantage that makes Reebok name in the TOP 10 gymwear brands this year.


This Canadian brand of women's fitness wear increasingly spread its influence in the hearts of fitness fashion lovers in general and yoga in particular. Lululemon's designs are bold feminine and elegant, but still do not lose the dynamism and vitality inherent in the outfit. Lululemon's main colors are light, elegant and elegant pastel colors. Because of this difference, Lululemon always makes female customers crazy and eager to hunt for the latest products from the company.
10 thương hiệu cao cấp thời gian dẫn đầu thế giới năm 2021


Founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, Alo always knows how to make a difference in each of its products. Targeting young and dynamic customers, Alo's outfits are designed with modern, healthy designs, full of sporty energy. Not only for practice, these products are also suitable for meeting with friends.
10 thương hiệu cao cấp dẫn đầu xu hướng thế giới năm 2021
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