Why Should You Use Yoga Blocks? How To Use Blocks Efficiently?


Should you use yoga blocks when practicing yoga? When is it appropriate to use bricks? This is also a common question among newcomers to yoga. Olaben will answer all of your questions regarding blocks in the article below, as well as show you how to use them effectively at home.

Why should you use yoga blocks?

Why should you use yoga blocks? How to use blocks efficiently?

Block/Brick is an essential support for yoga practitioners when performing some difficult poses or requiring flexibility. Furthermore, when the joints are still less pliable and flexible, yoga blocks are a powerful instrument for even beginners to practice yoga.

To help you decide whether or not to use yoga bricks, let's look at some of the effects and benefits of yoga blocks with Olaben.

Impactful assistance when practicing yoga

Why should you use yoga blocks? How to use blocks efficiently?

Using exercise blocks can assist you in progressing deeper into yoga poses. When you stretch your body beyond its flexibility, the exercise's impact may not be on the preferred specific muscle and can sometimes lead to injury. You can stretch deeper and more precisely by using yoga bricks. At the same time, the body will not be overly flexible and will not injure any other different muscles.

Reduce the possibility of injury

Why should you use yoga blocks? How to use blocks efficiently?
If you do not follow the correct methods and techniques when practicing yoga, you will most likely injure yourself. And yoga blocks will help to support you and reduce your risk of injury. When performing backbends, sit-ups, and other muscle-strengthening, yoga blocks help to support the spine. Because our spine curves naturally, using the inaccurate technique can cause pain and damage to the spine.

Can be used in any yoga postures

The special feature of yoga blocks is that you can use them with almost any standing, lying, or sitting position. This will be a piece of effective support equipment in assisting you to better feel the movements of your muscles and joints.

When should you use yoga blocks?

When doing hip-opening poses

Why should you use yoga blocks? How to use blocks efficiently?

It is common for beginners to be less flexible and flexible in the muscles and joints, particularly the hip joints. As a result, if you're new to yoga, doing hip-opening poses can be challenging. Using yoga bricks allows you to perform the pose in a more relaxed and comfortable way, reducing joint stress.

When doing sitting yoga poses

Every day, while working, we are frequently required to sit in one position for extended periods of time, and the majority of us are sitting in the incorrect posture. As a result, when performing sitting positions, you frequently use inappropriate techniques and put a lot of pressure on the spine, resulting in lower back pain. At this point, you can use yoga bricks to enhance the precision and comfort of your sitting posture.

When doing bend poses

Why should you use yoga blocks? How to use blocks efficiently?
The flexibility of joints is still limited for those who are new to yoga or those who are elderly. Bending and touching your toes will be easier if you use yoga blocks.

When you need to associate your knees, arms, and shoulders

The most vulnerable parts of any sport are the knees and shoulders. The reason here is that the muscles that protect the knees and shoulders are relatively weak in comparison to other parts of the body. Furthermore, most yoga movements necessitate flexible coordination of the hands, shoulders, and knees. As a result, incorrect knee or hand position has a significant impact on these parts. You won't have to worry about these issues with the help of yoga blocks.

How to use yoga blocks efficiently?

Why should you use yoga blocks? How to use blocks efficiently?
Olaben would like to show you how to use yoga blocks efficiently when in some poses

Crow pose

Crow pose is an advanced yoga pose because if done incorrectly, you can fall to the floor at any time. At this point, all you need to do is:

- Place yoga bricks under your brow when doing crow pose 

- Relax your brow slightly on the exercise block for extra balance support

Chair pose

When performing chair pose, it is common for practitioners to bring one knee out more than the other. To correct this error, do the following: 

- Place the yoga block between the knees or thighs

- Strengthen the knee muscles and ensure that the joints are in proper alignment.

Camel pose

Why should you use yoga blocks? How to use blocks efficiently?

If you put your knees behind your back when doing camel pose, you will inadvertently put pressure on your knees and stress on your lower back. The distance between the knees should not be greater than the distance between the hips. Here's how to use yoga blocks:

- Place the yoga brick between your ankles and thighs.

- A proper knee distance helps in the activation of knee muscle strength.

Forward bend pose

When performing forward bends, use exercise blocks in the following order: 

- Sit on a yoga block, stretch your legs straight, feet upright perpendicular to the shins.

- Exhale and bend forward, both hands on your feet, ankles, or shins.

Tree pose

Yoga blocks can be used for any pose that requires your arms to be raised and out of your head, such as tree pose.

- Hold the exercise block between your palms to work the biceps and triceps without straining your shoulders.

- Arms and shoulders become less tense.

Where to buy high-quality yoga blocks?

Why should you use yoga blocks? How to use blocks efficiently?

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