Yoga livestream on an online platform is so familiar when we are living in a stressful epidemic period. In order to meet the needs of improving health and perfecting the plan without interruption, the system of practicing Yoga directly through the Livestream feature developed and became popular in the community very quickly. Yoga Livestream supports Yogi to have real practical experience with instructors directly at home. 

How about the features from Yoga Livestream: convenient, effective and safe during the Covid19? Let's find out with Olabenflows!

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If you practice Yoga according to the videos in the pre-recorded course, it is normal. However, in the Yoga Livestream class, you will practice with the live instructors. Upgrading that, further you can ask questions or get feedback and alignment recommendations from a trusted expert. A close combination of “convenience” and “quality”. Teachers are carefully screened, only experienced instructors and instructors can teach classes. In addition, in the classes, the instructor will directly adjust, only teaching the skill into direct and slow postures for learners to better grasp. Connection and deep mining are still applied even when learning online.



To experience the Yoga Livestream class perfectly, not only the background, the lecturers but also the class content must be of high quality to attract students. At Olabenflows, Livestream classes focus on trends and trends to bring students to practice with the right needs and goals. For example, during this Covid19 pandemic, Yogis need exercises to support mental healing, improve health and safety at home. The exercises include poses designed from simple to advanced, suitable for all levels of Yogi and the most effective learning experience.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và trong nhà


Yoga Livestream classes focus on the best exercise time frames for the body to absorb energy effectively. Classes will be flexibly adjusted through each week and on weekends there will be classes to practice. With convenient time frames, you can arrange your own time accordingly. In particular, the Livestream class at Olabenflows will have live exercises saved and replayed on the classroom platform at the total website. If you have missed your favorite exercise.

Có thể là hình ảnh về 1 người và trong nhà


You can join a Live Streaming Yoga class at a cheaper cost than studying in a studio. Plus, there are always Combo packages for Live classes with many incentives to support teachers and students during the epidemic season. At Olabenflows, the biggest desire is to create more opportunities to practice Yoga at home for everyone. It would be great if you could practice more often without worrying about the expensive tuition, only the convenient and effective practice method to concern about. In addition, Olabenflows also offers membership at the website platform with lower tuition fees compared to traditional Yoga studios. 



What makes Yoga Livestream classes special is that you will have the opportunity to connect with the community through Yoga exercises on the platform. Share experiences and feelings through each exercise on separate groups and groups. The lessons help you to achieve a high spirit of exercise, make the most of your body's health, thereby helping you to be in a happy and positive mood and easily connect from the inside and out with people.

Có thể là hình ảnh về một hoặc nhiều người

Feel your body change from day to day through practical exercises that focus on addressing the symptoms you experience every day as well as improving your mental well-being. Stay healthy at home by participating in practical Livestream classes and experience a convenient, effective and safe workout. Don't miss this great opportunity to practice yoga! 

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